Canada Day is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with a cold drink. Whether you will be drinking on a dock, a patio or in a backyard, these 7 Canadian-inspired drinks are sure to get the party started. Easy and fun to make, we highly recommend you give one of these drinks a try. 

1. Classic Caesar

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Alexandra Redmond

The Caesar is a classic Canadian drink, similar to the American Bloody Mary. Made with clamato juice and vodka, a Caesar is sure to hit the spot. Whether you drink it as your go-to party drink or have it as a little "hair of the dog" the next morning, this drink is sure to satisfy. Here's what you'll need:

- Ice 

- 3 Dashes of Worcestershire Sauce

- 3oz Clamato Juice 

- 1-3 Dashes hot sauce (or to taste) 

- 1-2oz vodka 

- salt/pepper 

- olives, pickles or other optional garnishes

2. Micro Brew / Craft Beer 

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Living in Canada means we live in a country full of local microbreweries offering a wide selection of beers. These companies offer a selection of non-traditionally flavoured beers.

This can be a great way to explore new flavours while still drinking a refreshing beer with friends. With over 60 registered microbreweries in Ontario, you'll be sure to find one you enjoy. 

Ontario Craft Brewers is your go-to website to discover any and all micro and craft breweries in Ontario.

3. Maple Old Fashioned 

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An Old Fashioned is a cocktail made traditionally with whiskey and, occasionally, bourbon. This drink is made by combining whiskey with bitters and a citrus garnish. If this is a drink you love, add a little maple syrup to give it a Canadian twist.

- 2 oz Canadian Rye Whiskey 

- 1 teaspoon 100% Canadian Maple Syrup 

- Dash of Angostura bitters 

- Orange peel to garnish

4. Red Punch 

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If beer or liquor doesn't tickle your fancy, try this Canada-inspired red punch. Sweeter than other alcoholic drinks, a bowl of punch is sure to please a large crowd. Punch can be wine or liquor based making every punch a different and exciting flavour.

- 1 bottle of wine OR liquor to desired strength

- 1/2 bottle red fruit juice (cranberry, pomegranate, berry)    

- juice of 1 lemon or lime 

- soda or sparkling water to taste 

- red fruit to garnish 

5. Canadian Carbomb 

Molly Giroux

A twist on the classic Jager Bomb, a Canadian Carbomb uses Canadian made beer and whiskey. This drink involves dropping a shot of whiskey into a glass of beer to make what is referred to as a "bomb". 

6. Red Jello Shots 

Molly Giroux

Jello Shots are a classic party drink that is sure to liven up any occasion. They're a fun way to drink with friends while enjoying your favourite jello flavours. By simply adding any liquor to a bowl of red jello mix, your Canada Day party will become even more of a blast.

- 1 box Strawberry Jello mix 

- 4 cups warm water

- preferred liquor to taste 

7. Maple Whiskey Lemonade

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This Canadian-inspired drink is a twist on the classic glass of lemonade. By adding a shot of Crown Royal's Maple Whiskey, your lemonade is about to get a whole lot better and a whole lot more Canadian.   

- 1 glass of lemonade 

- 1-2oz Crown Royal Maple Whiskey

No matter what your plans are this Canada Day, these 7 drinks have you covered. Whether you're a beer fan, a wine lover, or a liquor connoisseur, these drinks are sure to hit the spot and bring extra Canuck vibes to any party. 

#SpoonTip: Always drink responsibly and legally. If it's hot out, drinking can result in dehydration—drink equal parts water to the size of your alcoholic beverages. Happy Canada Day!