Dreaming about being bundled up in a sleeping bag and sitting around a campfire during chilly winter nights? All you need is a nice, warm meal to complete your camping experience. Here are six recipe ideas for your next winter camping trip that will warm up your body and soul.


Abby Galyon

Chili is the perfect camping food comprised of canned goods that are easily portable. Chili also cooks quickly over fire, which will allow you to spend more time enjoying the outdoors. My favorite campfire chili recipe is from Genius Kitchen, but any chili variation does the trick.


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Gabby Phi

Oatmeal is easily made over the campfire and will sustain you throughout a day of hiking and exploring. All you need is oats, water and a pot. Bring along peanut butter, banana, cinnamon, seeds or brown sugar for tasty toppings. 

Banana Boats

Jocelyn Hsu

Banana boats are a fun spin on s'mores — using bananas to hold all the goodies in instead of graham crackers. Just as easy to make, cut a banana horizontally, stuff it with chocolate and marshmallows, wrap in foil and place on campfire to cook. Check out this Allrecipes post on how to make a classic banana boat. Pro tip: if you already have some peanut butter on you, throw some in for a nutty twist. 


Ally Golden

Yes, you can and should make pizza on a campfire. Pack some homemade dough or buy a pre-made dough and you're set. Toppings can be as simple or wild as you like (or as you have room for). The Kitchen Magpie makes campfire pizza in a cast iron skillet.

Hot Cocoa

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MyLinh Truong

After a long day of hiking, it's nice to have a warm chocolate drink ready for you. The easiest way to have hot chocolate while camping is to bring a thermos of hot water and some hot cocoa packets to stir in. If you're up for a bigger adventure, warm up some milk over the campfire and add in chocolate powder with sugar. Either way, it'll be warm and chocolatey, so what's not to love?

Omelet in a bag 

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Sasha Kran

Omelet in a bag? Yep. Forget the forks, bowls, cutting boards — all you need is a plastic bag. Before you hit the road crack an egg or two into a bag with your favorite toppings. Keep it in a cooler until the morning. When you wake up, just pour your omelet into a pan over the fire. Let it cook a couple minutes, flip and enjoy! Bring some salsa to add an extra kick.