Growing up, grilled cheese was a semi staple around my block. It was the only thing my friends and I ever wanted for dinner was the holy grail of sandwiches, and I even use to fake being sick at school so my mom would stay home and cook it for me for a comfort food lunch. When I was walking down the street today with my friend and saw a McDonalds, I reminisced about the days when I could get a happy meal that consisted of our favourite sandwich and the golden fries we all know and love.

As I've grown older, naturally I started eating more 'grown up foods' and developed more 'adult habits' like actually eating my vegetables without my mom telling me to...  but every once in a while I fall back on my trusty meal of cheese and bread and cook myself a five year old's dinner. I started thinking, why can't this food grow up like I did? Why do I feel like I'm nine again whenever I decide to eat a grilled cheese?  So I've rounded up some semi adult combinations to craft a sandwich that fits the age group of the people consuming it... although I'm sure kids would happily chomp down on these too!

1. Classic Ham and Cheddar 

This one is a simple switch up that we do in my house on the regular! Getting a little bit of protein into your grilled cheese is an adult way to turn a unhealthy option into a better one. Adding in one or two slices of ham into your sandwich brings in delicious flavour and turns this sandwich into a meal!

#SpoonTip: Fry the ham a little before adding it into your sandwich for a better crunch!  

2. Bacon, Tomato and Swiss 

Mix your grilled cheese up a little more with some added crunch and a little sweetness! Adding in bacon and tomato makes your grilled cheese into a BLT, hold the lettuce. The sweetness and flavour from the tomato cancels out the need for ketchup, cutting back on sugar, and adding in Swiss cheese instead is a great way to compliment these flavours! If you love bacon as much as I do, you'll be pleased with finding another way to consume it!

3.  Pickles and Cheddar

If you're looking for a way to get a complete flavour kick from your grilled cheese, try adding in some pickles! The saltiness from the pickles with the yumminess of cheddar cheese is the perfect combination for when you want some comfort food. This combination is a little more adventurous, but is definitely worth the try!

4. Pesto and Provolone 

For the more cultured foodie, a pesto and provolone grilled cheese might be the way to go! This definitely ups the anti on the childhood classic, and turns it into a dish you could gladly serve to any of your adult friends. This combination is a flavour kick that compliments each other nicely,  and will make your tastebuds as happy as the classic. 

5. Avocado and White Cheddar 

For all the millennials out there who can't seem to get their fill of avocado, this one's for you. Just when you thought we couldn't put avocado on anything else, another amazing grilled cheese combo comes along! Slicing up some of the favourite green treat along with some white cheddar cheese makes for a delicious sandwich your tastebuds will be thanking you for.