Decorating gingerbread men is an iconic Christmas staple. Making your way to the store and buying that awesome platform for your next work of art, what could be more festive? This holiday season, we’re changing it up from the traditional yummy man with 3 buttons and a smile to creating this era’s modern gingerbread man.

The gingerbread man hype originated from possibly the least expected place ever– Royalty. The invention is credited to Queen Elizabeth I who came up with the idea to decorate cookies that resembled her guests when they came to visit. I know, I was surprised too. But even though these treats date all the way back to 1558, who says it needs to be traditional? I made my way to the local Bulk Barn and picked up all of the necessary ingredients to give these gingerbread men a facelift. Keep scrolling and you’ll find 5 ways to create your very own modern gingerbread man.

Megan Doll

Gingerbread Reindeer

Who would’ve thought that an upside down gingerbread man would make the perfect canvas for a reindeer? My tip: To get the pretzels just right, rely on your biting skills.

See my inspiration for the reindeer design here. 

Megan Doll

Naughty Gingerbread People

Cue your imagination. I piped on the spice using red-dyed icing and let loose with accessories for some added risqué. My tip: Work your way from the top to the bottom.

See my inspiration for the naughty gingerbread man design here.  

Megan Doll


This was my first time using fondant and I must say it’s not as easy to use as I thought. But don’t worry, your childhood gave you a step up on this one. My tip: Practice with Playdoh and you’ll be a pro.

See my inspiration for the polar bear design here.

Megan Doll

Gingerbread Man with a Hug

I chose a holiday themed gummy for this little guy to hug. My tip: Take some advice from Queen Elizabeth I and put a picture of your guest’s face in there instead.

See my inspiration for the gingerbread hug design here.  

Megan Doll

Gingerbread (Snow)man

So, let’s be honest. If you have any thoughts about how to improve this little guy’s nose, I’d love to hear it. My tip: This time, I need a tip from you

See my inspiration for the snowman design here.

You officially have all of the tools to create a modern gingerbread man of your own. Say goodbye to the traditional man you once knew and hello to a new Christmas tradition. Luckily, you don’t need to be a piping, fondant genius to nail these designs. Take it from me, a newbie, you got this.