Spinach Dip 

Can a spinach dip be creamy, crunchy, dip-able, party worthy, and still be vegan? Ummm duh. I give you this twist on a classic spinach dip, the " Vegan Spinach Dip." No mayo. No butter. No cream. No problem. 


Before you completely count out the biscuits if you are vegan and searching for bread options for your vegan thanksgiving, hold up, this isn't over for you. These vegan biscuits use all things vegan friendly and taste probably better than any other biscuit you've ever had. You could give them to your grandma who has been baking biscuits all her life and she'd fall in love with them.

Kale Salad

Kale is totally having it's moment and its amazing. So bring it to your thanksgiving table for all to enjoy. Mix together some kale with some orange and some cranberries, topped off with some walnuts, and you literally have the holidays in a bowl. Healthy and tasty, what more do you want from a kale salad?


Besides the over sized bird in the middle of the table, stuffing steals the show. Your vegan thanksgiving cannot go on if stuffing is not present. It is Beyonce of the meal. Everybody loves it and there is absolutely no reason not to, even if you're vegan. This vegan stuffing is so good, even the omnivores will gobble it up (pun intended).

Apple Crisp 

Push all desserts to the side, there is a new vegan dessert in town. I call him...vegan apple crisp. I know this is a big claim and I don't mean to offend anyone, but this apple crisp puts all others to shame. I have had a lot of crisps in my life and this has my heart/stomach. It is so worth trying out and is so easy that there is no excuse not to make it. 

Don't let the hungry meat eaters make you feel like you don't belong this holiday. Make these dishes and you will have them begging for more. As far as the tofurkies and the verduckens, well that's all on you. Enjoy!