Whether you are a huge football fan, someone who pretends to like football for their friends or someone who simply loves an excuse for a little party, the Super Bowl is a staple in American culture. I am, for one, a huge football fan. But what makes me enjoy it even more is stuffing my face with cheese, bacon and a mountain of carbs without a blink. Thanksgiving round two anyone? It just works.

Even with my combined love of food and football, living in a small dorm with only a fridge and microwave at my disposal can pose a challenge in making enough delicious food for a small get-together. Here are some tasty football finger-food classics that can be adjusted to make your dorm party one your friends and their stomachs will remember.

1. 7 Layer Dip

Photo by May I Have That Recipe on Food.com

This super easy recipe calls for only nine ingredients that need to be layered on top of one another. All you need is a bowl, an appetite and your choice of chip.

2. Tortilla Pinwheels

Photo by ~Nimz~ on Food.com

Get your meaty, Mexican fix with this recipe. Simply wrap some tortillas with your choice of deli meats, spreads and sauces to get the perfect pick-up-and-go snack.

3.  Tahini and Yogurt Dip

Photo by Cookgirl on Food.com

If you don’t want to completely obliterate your diet, or prefer lighter fare in general, this recipe will satisfy your taste buds without regret. Gather up your favorite yogurt, tahini and some spices to make a great dip you can eat with veggies, pita or chips alike!

4. Potato Skins

super bowl

Photo by Elise on Simplyrecipes.com

Some thought it couldn’t be done – scrumptious potato skins cooked in the microwave. They were wrong. Try this recipe for details on how to cook these bad boys in a microwave. You can also substitute the fresh bacon for bacon bits.

5. Spinach Dip

super bowl

Photo by Knorr.com

I saved the best for last. My favorite (and extremely easy) football snack is the Knorr Spinach Dip recipe. This delicious dip entices you with its healthy ingredients but ravages you with its tangy flavor. Simply combine your spinach, sour cream and Knorr seasoning to round out your now awesome Super Bowl dorm party.

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