Thanksgiving season is a time where eating apple or pumpkin pie on the daily is entirely normal. But it seems like the only pie recipes people know are pumpkin and apple. On Thanksgiving Day, of course, you will eat these two pies, but also before Thanksgiving and probably after you will too. I mean has anyone else fell into a sugar coma after eating Trader Joe's "Pumpkin Ice Cream"? (this is honestly better than any pumpkin pie in my opinion).

With these base two flavors taking over America's tastebuds in October and November it might be a little more fun to spice it up and make some other great pies. Pumpkin and apple are not the only "fall flavors" there are, I swear. Pears, dates, pomegranate, cranberry, and fig are just some of the many in-season fruits to work with. Here are top my five pie recipes to make that are not pumpkin or apple :

5. Strawberry Rhubarb

Monica Lazarus

So this pie actually takes a bit of pre-planning that is why it is fifth on my top five pie recipes. Strawberries are typically not in season in the fall and neither is rhubarb. But, you could get them frozen or, my preferred option, make a couple pies in the summer with fresh ingredients and freeze them. Then, you just have to pop them in the oven to re-heat at your desired time.

4. Date and Goat cheese Pie

Katie Schneider

Hear me out: DATES AND GOAT CHEESE GO SO WELL TOGETHER! Literally, if you want to talk about heaven in your mouth, this is it. The sweet, caramel flavor of the dates pair so well with the delicate, tangy flavor of the feta. With the sprinkle of walnuts on top, you will not be able to keep people hands off this pie. Add some maple bacon, and this will be your main course.

3. Matcha Green Tea

Leah Valenti

Obviously, matcha is all the rave, and it is because it's delicious. The green hue will draw all your friends in and have them thinking your top chef. Also, when you just ate your body weight in turkey, and you're ready for a big nap, eat some of this pie, and you'll get your second wind.

2. Cranberry-Lime

cheesecake, raspberry, chocolate
Jenna Hively

This pie will seriously surprise you for how amazing it is. If you think you don't like cranberries, think again. Don't compare this pie to that out-of-the-can "cranberry sauce" you just tried. This pie recipe is also gluten-free so its safe to bring anywhere for even the most gluten-intolerate people.

1. Pear Ginger

Emilie Fruin

Everything about this pie has me on my toes. Give me more, please. Pears are most definitely in season during October and November, and the pears best friend is ginger. Drop some home-made ice cream and fresh whip cream on this pie when it is still warm, and you will have to make more than one. This pie is the winner of fall flavors putting it to the top of my list for these five pie recipes. 

Now that you have five new pie recipes, you do not have an excuse to not be baking in your kitchen. It is also sweater weather so no one can tell if we all start carrying a little extra "pie weight", right? Do not show up to any holiday party empty handed. Try these pie recipes out.