Here at Spoon UMN we are pretty excited about donuts. We're lucky to have several donut shops on or near campus, such as Glam Doll, Sssdude-Nutz (don't ask) and Tim Horton's, and we love to indulge in the flavors that these temples of sugary goodness offer. We also know, however, that it's important to stick to your roots. In commemoration of our love of donuts, as well as our love of all things Minnesota, here are some ways to eat your next donut–inspired by Minnesotan inventions.

1. Heart Shaped

Dunkin' Donuts has you covered with a heart-shaped variety. After years of unsuccessful heart surgeries, medical professionals finally found the answer to their problem. In 1952, the first "open heart" surgery was performed by University of Minnesota's own Dr. C. Walton Lillehei and Dr. F. John Lewis. We "donut" need to worry about heart surgeries now, thanks to these two pioneers in the field of medicine.

2. Toasted

Why not toast your donut? While the original toaster was dreamt up in Scotland in the 19th century, it was in 1919 that Minnesotan Charles Strite invented the first pop-up toaster. Strite, a plant worker, hated how his work cafeteria would always serve burnt toast. So, with a lot of frustration and a little bit of ingenuity, Strite added a variable timer to the machine and changed how we toast (donuts) forever.

3. Homemade

Donuts hot from your kitchen? Yes, please! While Minnesota-based company General Mills didn't invent the pre-packaged cake mix, it did succeed in creating a formula that wasn't prone to spoilage like its competitors. The Betty Crocker Ginger Cake Mix was introduced in 1947, and the brand has continued to supply its loyal customers with the means to homemaking cakes–and, yes, donuts.

4. Dusted in Powdered Sugar

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Marina Nazario

Lightly dusted for a hint of sophistication–just like the Minnesotan snow. Sometimes it's a "powdering", while other times you have to shovel the driveway before even leaving for work. But in 1951, to the relief of Minnesotans across the state, Minnesota-based Toro came out with the first walk-behind snow blower. It's no doubt that Toro made quite a lot of "dough[nut]" on this innovation!

5. On a Stick

Like these donut pops? Try donuts on a stick! Besides lakes, snow and Minnesota nice, Minnesota is also know for the food on a stick at its annual State Fair. This wacky tradition pays homage to Teddy Roosevelt's "speak softly and carry a big stick" speech (which took place at the MN State Fair) and has stuck ever since. There's everything from deep-fried candy bars, to tater tot hot dish on a stick, so donuts on a stick would fit right in.

Uff da, that's a lot of different ways to eat a donut! It's no surprise, however, that our beautiful state is home to these important inventions as well as countless more. We hope that when you're eating your next donut, whatever style it may be, you think of Minnesota.