It’s happy hour and you’re at your local bar having another, wait let me guess, vodka cranberry or whiskey sour? It’s time to venture out of your culinary comfort zone because that’s what our youth is about right? Taking chances. It starts with just trying a couple new drinks, but soon you’ll be paragliding across the Swiss Alps. Plus, we made it easy for you. Here’s a list of five drinks that will take you around the world without you ever having to leave your seat at the bar.

Yogurt Soju – Korea

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First stop, Korea. This pairing might seem odd, but give it a chance and it will definitely surprise you in a good way. Soju is a Korean alcohol made from rice and barley, and when paired with the popular Yakult Yogurt drink, it becomes a sweet and refreshing delight. Get the recipe here.

Corrito – India

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It’s your typical rum and Coke but with a twist because it incorporates the exotic flavors of India. It’s made of Thums Up which is an Indian brand of cola, white rum, and sugar and spice, literally. Get the recipe here.

Caipirinha – Brazil

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Mojitos are so 2008. We’ve got the next best thing from Brazil. This is Brazil’s national cocktail so you know its got to be good. It’s made with sugarcane liquor, sugar, and lime. Simple and sweet. Get the recipe here.

Michelada – Mexico

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It’s like a Bloody Mary but made with beer instead. This Mexican savory treat has a base consisting of tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, and a dash of hot sauce. Top that off with some cerveza and we guarantee it will cure any hangover you’ve got. Get the recipe here.

Zhumir – Ecuador

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This Ecuadorean specialty is so delicious it can be drunk straight. No additions necessary. It’s a sugarcane alcohol that’s often mistaken for rum, but it’s like a million times more delicious. We’re told a popular flavor is Berrys and Berrys. Check out Zhumir here.

With these new recommendations we hope you won’t be going back to Vodka Cranberrys for a while.

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