A New Snack 

As college students, we are always on the run. We grab granola bars, bananas, and goldfish from our dorm or apartment to help get us through our long days of class, studying, and work. But, as the health food trend grows, so has the snack game. More recipes have emerged for "energy bites" or what I would like to call, bite-sized balls filled with superfood nutrients like coconut flakes, flax seeds and protein powder to name a few. We chose 5 energy bite recipes just for you that are the perfect go-to snack.

Lee From America

My sister urged me to follow leefromamerica on instagram just about a year ago and she has totally inspired my love for food. Her instagrams aren't just beautiful but they are also loaded with great recipes for young adults. Her coconut fat balls are practically as famous as she is. I've tried them, and they are definitely #1 on my energy bite list. 

Ambitious Kitchen 

If I ever need a simple healthy dinner recipe or I'm in the mood to spend my night baking healthy treats, I almost always consult Monique from Ambitious Kitchen. Her website is neatly organized by category so you can search exactly what you are in the mood for. She has multiple energy bite recipes (one includes chocolate mint) but check out my favorite here

Wu Haus

You know the struggle when you truly believe that your food is prettier than you are? Yeah well Alison Wu's instagram and blog proves this with every single one of her recipe posts. It's almost too pretty to eat....but it's so delicious that you can't resist. Some of her recipes may appear to include some tricky ingredients, but don't shy away from it because I guarantee her energy bite recipe is lit. 


Nicole from @kalejunkie calls her energy bites "fat bombs" and the name matches the food, they are the BOMB. She is a huge believer in the keto diet and this recipe follows the keto diet- with a heaping of chocolate and peanut butter that will keep you full and satisfied. Her instagram is filled with easy recipes that anyone can make and enjoy. 

Minimalist Baker

Last, but not least on our list, Minimalist Baker is an instagram and a blog that has all recipes under 10 ingredients. This means no excuses-with so few ingredients, you are guaranteed a quick n' easy go-to bite that tastes just as good as all of those lengthy recipes you were too lazy to commit to (it happens to us all). Their dark chocolate energy hemp bites are melt in your mouth good. 

Snack Time

You've looked forward to snack time since it made its debut in preschool, and you can still look forward to it now with these energy bite recipes. They all help to satisfy your sweet or salty cravings and even keep you full for longer periods of time. It's especially hard to have healthy snacks as college students since it seems like unhealthy food follows us everywhere, so this can be your new guide.