IT'SUGAR chose Ala Moana Shopping Center on Oʻahu for it's 100th location, and is currently the worlds second largest candy department store. With more than 18,000-square-feet, there are so many items to chose from. They even have sections of their store dedicated to a particular brand such as Sour Patch® and OREO®. With many options, it's easy to please both young and old foodie friends. So to make it easier, here are 5 Christmas gifts for your foodie friends/

Susan Iverson

Pickle Cotton Candy:

Forget the boring traditional cotton candy and make room for fun and unique cotton candy flavors! This sweet but slightly tart treat will have your pickle lover friend cry tears of joy. They also have a variety of different cotton candy flavors such as Juicy Watermelon and Birthday Cake, so you can stop with the weird look now. 

Susan Iverson

Throwback Candy:

These are a box of either 80's or 90's candies that were popular during that time. Sometimes finding a gift for my mentors or managers is the hardest. But with a gift that will bring nostalgia and great memories, you will be crowned their favorite.

Susan Iverson

Hawaiian Punch Hat:

Hawaiian Punch brings back memories of hanging out after school at A+ (if you know, you know) with my childhood friends. I really loved this hat due to those nostalgic memories and simple design. It's a perfect gift for the beach, hiking, any age, genders, all of it! 

Susan Iverson

Takis Lollipop with Chamoy

Do you have a foodie friend that is bored since they pretty much tried and ate everything?! Well look no further, I found the perfect stocking stuffer or candy to put in a basket for you! These are Takis chamoy lollipops that have chili powder to dip them in. Think of it as an elevated and spicy Fun Dip. I have never seen these before, and grabbed a few for myself out of excitement.

Susan Iverson


There is a section of the store dedicated to the widely popular Sour Patch Kids which gave me an automatic sugar rush! The Sour Patch Kid plushies are so adorable and the slip-on shoes are cute and unique.  

Susan Iverson

Although this my top 5 Christmas gifts for your foodie friends, there are much more to explore and chose from!

Thank you to IT'SUGAR and Rachel Sudack from the Marketing team for collaborating with Spoon Hawaii. Be sure to check out our current giveaway on our Instagram.

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