We can all agree to agree that Oreos are the best. They come in what feels like over a hundred flavors, and they're cookie sandwiches, no complaints from me. Of course nothing beats the classic Oreo, which just so happens to be vegan. As a cookie sandwich, let's just say Oreos are versatile as f***, and here are four unique ways to use those beautiful little cookies.

Oreo Crumb Topping

Vernell Dunams

Spice your ice scream up with a magical dusting of Oreo crumbs. Blitz or just beat with a rolling pin (depending on how you feel that day) the cookie halves of the Oreos. Serve atop a scoop of your favorite ice cream and instantly you are ready to sign up for food reality show called "Ice Cream Throwdown."

Oreo Pop

Vernell Dunams
So if you are not the ice cream type (no worries I'm only judging you from a distance) maybe popsicles are more

Oreo Dip

Vernell Dunams
Let's say for whatever reason you decide to have a "dip party."

Do you want to be known as the loser who brought the pre-packaged queso, or the blessed soul that brought the Oreo frosting dip? Go ahead and separate the frosting from the cookie halves (maybe eat a few here and there), and heat the frosting up in a microwave. That's it! In less than five minuts you've created a dip that can launch 1,000 ships.

Dip Stick

Vernell Dunams

Despite the closeness in name, the Oreo Dip and the Oreo Dip Stick are for two totally different people. The dip is for the adventurous Oreo lover, whereas the dip stick is for the more traditional Oreo lover. The dip stick doesn't break the tradition in anyway, but rather it helps you to dip more Oreos more quickly in a somewhat sophisticated manner. If your concern is elegance, refinement, and stuffing your face with Oreos, this hack is for you.