At Sewanee, you can always count on good ol' Clurg to serve healthy lettuce and veggies at the salad bar. With all of the toppings available (carrots, beets, feta cheese, tofu, sprouts, you name it), it's almost impossible to make the same salad twice. In addition, many of the toppings, like the tomatoes, are grown at our very own University Farm.  Little do people know, there are many ways to use the salad bar for more than just salads. The salad bar hacks below are put to use almost every day by yours truly, so I can testify that they're guaranteed to work in McClurg (and pretty much any other dining hall with a salad bar).

Hack #1: Collect veggies for the sandwich station

bread, cucumber, garlic
Abigail Shipps

The sandwich station is a popular spot for lunch. Any place that offers spicy mustard and chipotle mayo is bound to be a hit! The only downside is the lack of a vegetable selection. So, I load up on sprouts, spinach, peppers, tomatoes, and shredded carrots from the salad bar and bring it to the nice ladies at the sandwich bar to add it to my wrap or sandwich. Now you can have your veggies AND your spicy mustard.

Hack #2: Secret Grilled Chicken

chicken, salad, tomato, rice
Abigail Shipps

Little do Sewanee students know, there is always a bowl of grilled chicken next to the sliced fruit and the premade salads in Clurg. All you have to do is ask the lady behind the counter for a few pieces, and she will gladly give them to you. I hit up the grilled chicken at lunch almost every day- I add it to my salad or sandwich, and I always get compliments on how yummy it looks!

Hack #3: Expand your palate 

salad, pepper, olive
Abigail Shipps

As mentioned before, the salad bar at McClurg has a wide variety of toppings to choose from. This gives you many opportunities to experiment with new cuisines. Want to try going vegan for a day? The salad bar offers tofu, chickpeas, black beans, and edamame as vegan and vegetarian protein sources. If you're feeling fun, grab a few friends and see who can make the most colorful plate. Not only will you make beautiful salad masterpieces, but you'll also more than likely be trying out some new foods. Who says playing with food is only for kids?

Hack #4: Take it to-go

vegetable, cucumber
Abigail Shipps

While fruits like bananas and apples are easy to grab and go, veggies from the salad bar are a little harder to transport. Here's an easy fix: grab a to-go coffee cup and stock up on carrots, cucumbers, celery, or whatever vegetables you want. You can eat them as you're walking to class, or you can save them for later in your room (especially if you have a fridge). 

Eating healthy in college can be tough- it's hard enough with all of the homework and extracurriculars that fill up our schedules. It's important to eat healthy in order to properly fuel your body for the day, and for the years to come. With these salad bar hacks in tow, you can fight the gravitation of the pizza line in favor of unique and easy creations!