Coming to you LIVE from the comfort of my house, as I sit here in quarantine. As many are in the same boat, struggling with boredom and loneliness from home, I thought I’d bring the bar to you to keep you entertained during these long days. Introducing immune boosting quarantinis that are college-kid-friendly (and easier to make than the middle cup during a pong game). The best part of these recipes? They're all less than 5 ingredients. Here are three easy and delicious drinks that you can make at home.

#1. Moscow Mules

The first one is one of my absolute favorites: Moscow Mules. The greatest part about this recipe is that it requires mint. Interestingly enough, mint contains menthol, an aromatic decongestant which can help break up phlegm, mucus, and can also aid in relieving mental stress. A Moscow Mule will definitely give you the perfect combination of relaxing at home while decongesting your sinuses - all in one! The only ingredients you need for this delicious drink are vodka, lime juice, ginger beer, and mint. Simply squeeze lime juice into a copper mug (or anything that you have available at home), add in some ice cubes and pour as much vodka as you like. Fill the rest of the cup up with ginger beer and stir the ingredients together. Top with mint and you’re set for the first immune-boosting quarantini!

#2. Screwdrivers

We all know and love our old friend Vitamin C. One of the most important vitamins to take when you’re sick - even if you have it in a screwdriver, right? Vitamin C is a form of ascorbic acid which is essential for growth, development, and repairs of body tissues. Collagen, absorption of iron, a functioning immune system, and maintenance of bones all rely on this vitamin - especially when you’re under the weather. Vitamin C can be found in any form of citric fruits, especially orange. So grab 1 ½ ounces of vodka and freshly squeezed orange juice, mix it together with some ice and you have the world’s easiest alcoholic drink on the market. This sounds like something that would probably be served at a frat party, but with quality liquor and freshly squeezed OJ, this is definitely the most refreshing drink to have on these hot Atlanta days that we are starting to have.

#3. Hard Seltzers

Last but not least, hydration is extremely important during these times. Alcohol is a known dehydrator, so you’re going to want to get some water in your system too - why not have a balance of both and make yourself a homemade hard seltzer. Since you can’t do out and buy a pack of claws (although I BELIEVE you can order some on the app Drizly - but for the sake of my article just make it), grab 1.50oz vodka, 1.5oz fresh lime juice, 2 lime wedges, 2 tablespoons of honey simple syrup (or your sweetener of choice), 3 leaves of fresh mint (extra immune-boosting ingredient!), half a cup of sparkling water, and ice (to your liking). That’s literally it. Shake it up and drink! You can change up the flavor in any which way, but this drink could not be easier to make. Plus, it will save you the extra cash you would’ve spent on claws or Truly’s that disappear in a matter of seconds.

In all seriousness, I am wishing the best and fastest recovery for anyone who has recently contracted COVID. Hang in there, breathe, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Emory has great academic and health support ready for students during these tough and anxious times, so use these resources to your advantage. Stay safe, drink some immune boosting quarantinis, and I'll see you soon!