A couple weekends ago, Fooze, a new late night food app, partnered with Spoon at NYU and hooked us up with some delicious late night munchies. Fooze pre-picks snacks each night, so all you have to do is choose one of three from the app, delivered at a flat rate of $15 per dish. Let’s be honest, it’s genius for when you’re too drunk or too busy to scroll through the endless choices of other delivery services. Check out some of the munchies they treated us to!

1. Korilla BBQ


Photo courtesy of Korilla

Originally a food truck, Korilla now has a store front on West 3rd and St. Marks place, where we sampled their Kimcheese fries —  waffle cut french fries topped with an awesome mix of seaweed, kimchi and cheddar cheese sauce. Korilla serves some  dank Korean-Mexican fusion, so when you can’t choose between two of the best cuisines, you can have both.

2. Bark Manhattan


Photo courtesy of Bark.

What’s better than a late night hot dog? Bark makes this classic even better by serving entirely locally sourced ingredients. The hot dogs, corn salad and fried Brussels sprouts with a cheddar sauce hit the midnight munchies spot, for sure.

3. Ramen-Ya


Photo courtesy of Ramen-Ya.

If Japanese food is your go-to midnight nosh, be sure to hit up Ramen-Ya. This was our last stop on the tour, and it was definitely worth the wait. Ramen-Ya serves up some rad ramen as well as a seriously perfect late night pork and cabbage dumpling.

All three of these restaurants, along with a few others, are available on Fooze for delivery. So, whether you’re cramming for your midterm or looking for some killer drunk food, hit up the app to effortlessly get your favorite late night snacks.