Remember the good old days when all you needed were some snacks and a few toys to keep yourself occupied? Ten years later and you're still busy, but instead of toys, you get school and added stress as a bonus. When we were younger, slime was one of those toys that kept us busy, and plates of PB&J, Nutella sandwiches, and milk and cookies were some of the best snacks your parents could make you. With these three DIY food slime recipes, you can remind yourself of a simpler time and relieve some stress while you're at it. 

Milk and cookies slime

oatmeal, cookie, chocolate
Sheridan Rhee

Remember the times when you'd come home and find your house filled with the heavenly aroma of freshly baked cookies? Seeing them on the kitchen counter brought smiles to our faces. So relax, de-stress, and re-live those memories with this milk and cookies slime recipe

milk, chocolate
Lily Henein

Peanut butter and jelly slime

spread, peanut, jam, butter, bread, peanut butter
Jocelyn Hsu

An all-time classic childhood favorite. You could never go wrong with a PB&J sandwich for lunch, so go on and try making this recipe.

Lily Henein

Nutella slime

chocolate, cream, milk, sweet, candy, goody, caramel
Constance Connolly

Nutella is still a favorite until this day. Whether you ate Nutella and banana sandwiches, used it as an ice-cream topping, or just took huge spoonfuls of it before someone caught you, make sure you check this Nutella slime recipe out. 

pudding, milk chocolate, candy, coffee, cream, sweet, milk, chocolate
Athena Huynh

Whichever slime recipe you choose, it'll help you de-stress and feel like a kid again.