It’s 10am. You’ve already shotgunned a few beers. You’ve seen a few of the same cheesy shirts already. Lets face it, you’re probably wearing one yourself. You’re all decked out in gear, but you’re drinking vodka and orange juice? It’s one of the three dages of the year; you’ve got to drink in style. What would Parade Day be without green drinks? We know you don’t have all those fancy tools and expensive alcohols, we’re college students for goodness sake, so we’ve made this easy for you. Allow us to show you three ways to make sure your drinks are in the holiday spirit to.

Parade Day is Binghamton’s version of Irish Day. Like every other holiday in Binghamton, for some unknown reason, the parade is celebrated weeks before the actual holiday. We are just too excited, I guess.

The weather may still be frightful, but we have no fear. 32 degrees? Sounds like summer to me. The sun is shining and nothing is going to stop a Binghamton student from celebrating good ol’ St. Patty’s Day.

To make your drinks appropriate for the occasion:

1. Add Mint Leaves: Refreshing, simple, and elegant. Mint leaves turn any drink into a sophisticated holiday day dream.

Photo by Elyse Belarge

2. Add Lime: Maybe a margarita is what you’re after? Maybe you just want some citrus? Maybe you don’t even realize how good lime tastes in drinks? Throw in some lime and the color will reflect off of clear alcohol, giving it a warm green glow.

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3. Blend it up: Before you turn your head and scoff, think about this: a liquor infused smoothie. I’ll let that sink in. Thrown in any green food you can find with some alcohol, maybe some ice if you’re feeling cool, and blend it up. Prep time is roughly 2-3 minutes, and you’ll be left with a refreshing, super green drink. Blend in avocado, spinach, green hair dye (just kidding), or anything else you can find. Spinach is likely to be the most bang for your buck-with just a few leaves your drink will transform into an emerald wonderland.

Follow this easy green smoothie recipe!

Drink responsibly, veg out with your friends, and remember, it’s not over ’till its clover.