Whether you want to make some sweet treats for Easter or are just stuck with a lot of leftover candy, pretty much everyone loves to eat candy-themed dishes or drinks. When I was little, Easter morning was filled with boundless joy as eggs with clues inside led us to the location of an Easter present and themed treat for all of us. Once I was older, I got to help my mom in baking the Easter dish and hiding the eggs.

Because my college doesn't have an Easter break, I now spend the holiday with my friends instead. Regardless, I'll never stop the tradition of making Easter candy recipes to celebrate. If you're trying to find your own Easter-themed treat, whether for kids or for adults, there's no better place to start looking.

1. Jelly Bean Donuts

We always have big bowls of jelly beans around the house during Easter time, so there are plenty leftover. These jelly bean donuts are a great way to use up a lot of jelly beans while getting an amazing product that can either be a sugary breakfast or a delicious dessert. 

2. Peanut Butter Chocolate Nests

These peanut butter chocolate nests are both super easy to make and super cute. The nest-like appearance for the Cadbury mini eggs makes this treat perfect for Easter. 

3. Cadbury Creme Egg Mcflurry

milk, sweet, ice, chocolate, cream, candy
Alex Leav

Some people say this time of year is too cold for ice cream, but I say it's never too cold. Mix in some of those easter chocolates to make a delicious Cadbury creme egg Mcflurry. 

4. Layered Peeps Treats

Not only do these layered Peeps treats fit the pastel Easter aesthetic, but they're not too messy, making them great for kids and adults alike. The marshmallow taste from the Peeps makes these the perfect twist on Rice Krispies treats.

5. Candy Bar Pie

The great thing about a candy bar pie is that it doesn't matter what holiday it is or what leftover candy you have; you can toss it all in. Pretty much all candies taste great with blondies, so if you have lot of different treats, this is the way to go. 

6. Bunny Chow

This Easter version of puppy chow, cleverly named Bunny Chow (those who call it Muddy Buddies can call it Muddy Bunnies, I guess?), is a great snack for the holidays. Put in a bowl around the house or at a party and you'll be shocked at just how quickly it disappears. 

7. Caramel Egg-Stuffed Breakfast Croissants

Who knew croissants could get even better? These caramel egg-stuffed breakfast croissants are a great way to start your candy-filled day off right. Add some fruit for a perfect tart balance to that beautiful caramel and chocolate sweetness

8. Jelly Bean Infused Vodka

Not all candy recipes are for kids. This jelly bean infused vodka gives the drink a playful colour and a taste that's reminiscent of childhood. If you have kids, it'll make the Easter havoc a whole lot easier.  

9. Peep Carrot Cake Cupcakes

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Kristine Mahan

What do bunnies love to eat? As we all know from Bugs Bunny, the answer is carrots, of course. This makes carrot cake cupcakes the perfect target for an Easter day treat, topped off with Peeps or mini eggs for the perfect Easter touch. If you're looking for one of the ultimate Easter candy recipes, this is it. 

10. Cadbury Brownie Bites

The dense brownie outside compared with the molten caramel interior is the perfect contrast in these Cadbury brownie bites. The surprise center is sure to amuse anyone who may try a bite. 

11. Cadbury Mini Egg Layer Cake

There's almost nothing more stunning than a layer cake, and these pastel layers scream Easter even without the mini eggs decoration on the outside. If you want to impress your guests or even yourself, this is the cake to make. 

12. Peeps Popcorn

While Peeps probably aren't the first thing that comes to mind when you think of popcorn, the sweetness of the marshmallowy Peeps balances the saltiness of this popcorn perfectly. Think popcorn with chocolate, but Easter themed. 

13. Jelly Bean Cupcakes

Cupcakes have always seemed playful and friendly to me, as have jelly beans. This makes these jelly bean cupcakes a match that was born in heaven. Choose to garnish with jelly beans or allow the jelly beans on the inside to be a fun surprise. 

14. Cadbury Mini Egg Cake Batter Pancakes

In my family, the only way to start Easter morning is with candy. Use some Easter candies and mix them into these cake batter pancakes for the ultimate beginning of Easter or even for the day after. Add some more candies as toppings if you're feeling especially indulgent. 

15. Peep S'mores

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Lily Stephens

Using plain marshmallows for s'mores is boring when you can use colourful Peeps instead. These Peep S'mores are especially great in the colder months (which Easter always falls in up north), because no one wants to go sit outside by a fire. This is one of the Easter candy recipes that will impress despite its simplicity. 

16. Cadbury Creme Eggs Brownies

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Tara Zafar

We've already determined that brownies and Cadbury creme eggs pair wonderfully together. This recipe is foolproof and a great activity for the kids. Top with mini eggs for some extra easter fun. 

17. Jelly Bean Sugar Cookies

While these jelly bean sugar cookies already delight due to their bright colours, they are also surprisingly soft. Kids and adults alike will love these cookies both for the aesthetic and for their texture. 

18. Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs Bunny Bars

Peanut butter often doesn't get enough spotlight during Easter time. Peanut butter is a fan favourite when it comes to food, so these Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs Bunny Bars will check the Easter list while delivering with the peanut butter craze. 

19. Cadbury Mini Egg Cupcakes

cupcake, chocolate, buttercream, cream, cream cheese
Brandon Guild

There's no better way to get out some extra frustration than crushing up some mini eggs to mix into your batter (and then eating it all). These Cadbury mini egg cupcakes pack an amazingly chocolatey punch. With mini eggs both in the cupcake and to decorate, this is one of the best Easter candy recipes. 

20. Creme Egg Cheesecake

If you're really looking to impress this Easter, you can't do any better than this Creme Egg cheesecake. It has looks that can kill, and honestly enough caramel to kill too. Everybody will be dying to get the recipe.

No matter your age or how you celebrate Easter, one thing's for sure: the day's going to end in a food coma. Whether you're making these Easter candy recipes to celebrate or simply to use up some old candy, the food coma will definitely be worth it. You'll be coming back for more until the candy is off the shelves.