Pita holds a special place in my heart. Growing up, my brother and I would always go to the local Mediterranean restaurant and eat hummus and pita as an "appetizer." The bread was always so filling that we'd barely have room for the chicken kabob entree. Now that I'm in college, I turn to pita pockets for a quick, filling, and customizable lunch. Pita pockets are easy to eat and you can stuff them with literally anything. Here are a few pita pocket recipes to make your lunch or snack time a little more exciting.  

1. Chicken Cucumber Pita Pocket

cucumber, zucchini
Abigail Wilkins

This protein-packed pita can be made in five minutes. Cook some chicken on Sunday so you can have filling sandwiches all week. No need to wait in line at your favorite Greek restaurant when you can make it yourself.

2. Healthy Hot Pocket

Can't stand the thought of eating another frozen Hot Pocket? Make a healthier version yourself with this copycat recipe that's better than the original. Try the pizza version too (see #5 on this list). 

3. Falafel Waffle Pita

Spoon University

You can pretty much "waffle" any food these days, so why not "waffle" falafel? Stuff these irresistible waffles inside your favorite pita pocket and upgrade your sandwich game.

4. Breakfast Pita

Weirdly, I'm not into breakfast burritos but I actually enjoy a breakfast pita on occasion. If you need an extra filling breakfast, pita pockets have you covered. Breakfast pitas are completely customizable, so add anything you have on hand—veggies, eggs, ham, sausage, cheese, etc. 

5. Pita Pizza

pizza, cheese, crust, sauce, tomato, dough, meat, pie, mozzarella, pepperoni, ham
Mackenzie Barth

Pizza may not be "pocket"-style, but who says you can't eat it that way? Save yourself some time and money and make a pita pizza. Top it with the sauce, cheese, meats, and veggies that you love.

6. Tuna Salad 

If you're missing your mom's tuna salad sammies, this tuna pita pocket will heal your homesickness. This tuna salad uses Greek yogurt instead of mayo for a healthier and tangier bite.

7. Blackened Portobello Mushroom 

Nothing sounds more flavorful than blackened portobello mushrooms. Enjoy this pita pocket with cheese, spinach, and Sriracha (if you can handle the heat) on top.

8. Classic Turkey

Spoon University

Sick of those boring turkey sandwiches? Upgrade your choice of bread with a pita pocket. It'll make lunchtime in between classes slightly more enjoyable. 

9. Roasted Cauliflower 

Cauliflower is becoming super trendy because of its spongy texture and versatility. If you're looking for a way to use that big head of cauliflower sitting in your fridge, make a flavorful pita pocket.

10. Taco-Style

Sarah Arora

Have some leftover meat from Taco Tuesday? Try my latest invention. Heat up a pita and stuff it with the meat and whatever veggies and sauces you like. I like to top mine with cucumber, yogurt, and hummus for a unique twist, but feel free to add the classic taco toppings like sour cream, guac, and cheese. 

11. Greek Chicken 

I absolutely love Greek food and crave it about once a week. When I don't feel like trekking to the nearest Greek restaurant, I turn to this Greek chicken pita because it's got all the flavors and colors for minimum effort. You can easily eliminate the chicken if you're vegetarian or vegan.

12. Chicken Caesar Salad

These chicken Caesar pitas are super flavorful and will give you a ton of nostalgia. As a bonus, they only take 20 minutes to prepare.

13. Banana, PB, and Cereal

Spoon University

Putting cereal in your pita may sound odd, but it adds a sweet and crunchy bite to the sandwich. Channel your inner kid and enjoy a quick and easy snack.

14. Veggie and Sweet Potato 

You won't even miss the meat with this veggie and sweet potato pita. Use whatever veggies you have on hand and treat yourself to a nutrient-rich meal. 

15. Nutella and Fruit

You can enjoy this sweet masterpiece for breakfast or dessert. Take a pita and spread on as much Nutella as you desire. Add berries and bananas for an extra fruity bite. 

Pita pockets are completely customizable, and you can literally fill them with anything. Why try just one recipe when you can try them all?