Am I going insane, or does there always seem to be really bizarre pickle recipes circling the Facebook world these days? People are tagging each other in everything from pickle jello shot recipes to annual pickle festivals. Pickles just may be the new hot trend, and honestly, I am very ready for it.

The feisty sister of the cucumber is a salty, sour, refreshing, and low-calorie snack, and also low-key good for you. So why not have some fun with them? Here are 14 pickle-themed recipes ranked from (possibly) tasty to just downright absurd.

1. Make your own pickles!

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Sarah Silbiger

Channel your inner do-it-yourselfer by making home-made pickles. This recipe is so simple—no fancy canning techniques required here. Just pull out those mason jars that you're probably never going to get around to crafting with, grab some cucumbers, dill, vinegar, water, a variety of spices, and get to work.

2. Fried pickles

Elizabeth Layman

You love fried stuff and you love pickles, so fried pickles naturally make sense. They're a perfect mix of crispy, salty, and tangy that you'll be addicted to. If you've never had fried pickles, get on it, my friend. They're the perfect late-night snack, hands down.

3. Pickle Bloody Mary shooters

A Bloody Mary shot that you Pretty genius, if you ask me. Plus, Bloody Marys and pickles go together like french fries and ketchup. This fun twist on the traditional boozy drink will fulfill all of your Bloody Mary dreams, while keeping your hunger at bay.

4. Cool Ranch pickle chips

What's better than fried pickles? Pickles that have been fried in Cool Ranch Doritos. These pickle chips are actually baked so that they're healthier than regular fried pickles. Test them out and see which fried pickle reigns supreme.

5. Pickleback jello shots

Whether or not shots are your thing, you have to admit that this is a pretty interesting variation of them. Normal shots are gross, so you can thank me later for this recipe that created one of the world's greatest combinations: pickles and jello shots. It's a shot, a chaser, and a snack all in one.

6. Pickle martini

In the same vein as the last recipe, here's another combination of pickles and alcohol. The dill pickle martini was made by none other than the iconic Guy Fieri. People swear by pickle juice as an excellent chaser, and I have to say, I tried it once after running out of my usual lemonade, and the acidity completely cut the taste of alcohol from my vodka shots. It's a dangerously delicious combo that's definitely worth trying.

7. Pickle hummus

Ready for the really creative pickle recipes? This one proposes the unheard of collaboration between pickles and hummus. At first, the combo seemed totally sacrilegious to my hummus-loving self, but upon further contemplation, I decided this could be really good. I mean, cucumbers are definitely present in Greek food, so why wouldn't the cucumber's tangy twin be allowed to join in the fun?

8. Pickle mozzarella sticks

I'm all for some good ole' mozzarella sticks, but mozzarella and pickles seems like a strange combination. But if you're braver than I am, this recipe might just work for you. Who knows, this could be a match made in heaven, but I'm more inclined to think that it's not.

9. Pickle pizza

Pickle pizza is where I put my foot down—it's just not right. It goes against everything pizza lovers everywhere believe in. But also there's a five-percent chance that it kind of seems like it might be somewhat good? Honestly, I got thrown for a loop by this pickle recipe—somebody test it out for me.

10. Pickle egg rolls

This seems simply weird and I don't think this combination ever needed to happen. Putting a pickle in a classic Chinese takeout stable is just not a thing. No thanks, pickle egg roll recipe—I'm good. 

11. Pickle guacamole

Okay, I can maybe see how the pickle pizza could be good, but this guac is a crime. Guacamole is perfect as it is, why would anyone ever mess with it? Repeat after me: we do not put pickles in our guac. Again, for the people in the back: we absolutely never put pickles in our guac.

12. Pickle cupcakes

I get the whole salty and sweet trend going on these days, but this recipe is truly taking things too far. Pickle lover or not, this is just not what normal people do. At no point in my life have I ever eaten a pickle cupcake, and at no point in my life will I ever want to eat a pickle cupcake.

13. Pickle cheesecake

This recipe calls for a pretzel and butter crust filled with cream cheese, goat cheese, sour cream, and pickle juice. Something about that combination of foods kind of makes me never want to eat a pickle again—or a slice of cheesecake for that matter. If pickle cupcakes went too far, than this catastrophe is a couple of eons past that. 

14. Peanut butter pickle pancakes

Molly Ade

The author of this dish recommends drizzling either syrup or pickle juice onto these pancakes. I have one word for you: no. Who knows, maybe she's onto something, but I don't think I will be testing this recipe out. Maybe you, whoever has made it this far through these insane recipes, will be brave enough.

I will be seriously impressed if you try any of these pickle combinations. Pickle-lover or not, some of these are truly for the bravest of souls. Call me a wimp, but personally, I'll be sticking to the canned pickles in my fridge.