As the leaves begin to change color, the temperature drops, and the PSL latte returns to Starbucks, we are officially entering the most wonderful time of the year. The next few weeks will be filled with food, parties, socializing, and more food. Between allergies and personal dietary choices, it can be difficult to find a recipe suitable for everyone. This roundup includes 14 delicious holiday eggless cookies anyone can enjoy. 

While some of the recipes are purposely vegan, others are not, and some are accidentally vegan. Feel free to modify the recipes (at your own risk) to fit your dietary needs and restrictions. 

1. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

chocolate, milk, candy, sweet, cream, milk chocolate
Izzi Clark

What's a cookie roundup without chocolate chip cookies? This cookie dough bites recipe shakes things up by using the raw cookie dough as truffles. 

2. Pumpkin Spice Cookies

chocolate, sweet, cookie, oatmeal, oatmeal cookie, candy, cake
Kristine Mahan

Pumpkin spice cookie to go with that pumpkin spice latte? I think so. 

3. Pumpkin Spiced Chocolate Chip Cookies

The only way to improve upon pumpkin spice is to add chocolate. Dunk these pumpkin spiced chocolate chip cookies into a glass of cold milk, and you're all set.

4. Vegan Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

sweet, chocolate
Santina Renzi

These crinkle cookies are super cute and easy to make. Love peppermint? Give this variation on the classic chocolate crinkle a try.

5. Molasses Cookies

I absolutely love molasses. It's sweet and earthy with a subtle kind of chocolate taste. Since it's super sticky, it works great as a binder in recipes while adding tons of vitamins and minerals. These molasses cookies are the epitome of holiday baking.

6. Gingerbread 

Hannah Latour

What's Christmas without gingerbread? Try this eggless royal icing recipe to go along with these eggless gingerbread cookies. The best gingerbread recipes ensure a crispy exterior, but a light and fluffy interior. 

Another option is to try these tasty gingerbread sandwich cookies. The filling is made from powdered sugar, milk, and a buttery spread of your choice. 

7. Sugar Cookies

chocolate, cake, pastry, candy, gingerbread, sweet, cookie
Kristine Mahan

Classic sugar cookies, along with gingerbread, were always a hit at my house during the holidays. With their light and sugary texture, it's easy to play with the spices to give your cookies a bit of flair. You can never go wrong with pumpkin, so try these eggless pumpkin sugar cookies. If pumpkin isn't your thing, no worries. Try these spiced sugar cookies with maple icing. 

8. Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

I know candy canes are Christmasy and all, but does anyone actually eat the peppermint-flavored ones? This year, try incorporating them into some eggless cookies. If you're a mint-chocolate fan, then a peppermint chocolate cookie will be right up your alley.

9. Snickerdoodles

bread, biscuits, chocolate, candy, cake, pastry, sweet, cookie
Emma Delaney

Chocolate and pumpkin are hella popular this time of year, but some people gravitate towards vanilla and cinnamon. If that's you, you need to try these eggless banana snickerdoodles. Another chocolate-less and pumpkin-less recipe is for chai spiced snickerdoodles

And for all the chocolate lovers, I'd recommend this spicy Mexican hot chocolate snickerdoodle recipe. With just a touch of cayenne pepper, these eggless cookies are sure to be the star of any party.

10. Hermits

AKA my kind of low-maintenance cookie. Start with a basic flour, brown sugar, and cinnamon base and then get creative with your nuts, seeds, and dried fruit add-ins. Apple walnut, cranberry almond, raisin and pumpkin seeds, or dates and walnuts would all make great combinations in these hermit cookies

Nutcracker cookies are similar to hermit cookies, except with a greater emphasis on the nuts. The combination of brown sugar, butter, and dates gives these eggless cookies a toffee-like taste. 

11. Shortbread

A classic and favorite amongst our grandparents' generation, shortbread cookies need to make a comeback. Their light and buttery taste pairs perfectly with a cup of your favourite tea. If you find the original flavour bland and boring, try these banana pecan shortbread cookies instead. 

12. Strawberry Walnut Thumb Print Cookies

Anyone else guilty of just picking out the filling and leaving the cookie part? Try not to do that with these thumbprint cookies.

13. Checkerboard Cookies

I'm a math minor so I'll admit that anything geometric and symmetric will catch my eye. Despite their complicated appearance, achieving that pattern isn't all the difficult on these checkerboard cookies.

14. Red Velvet Cookies

Kelli Haugh

I was never allowed anything labelled "Red Velvet" as a kid because of all the food dye. However, adding beet juice to the dough instead will work just as well. Not to mention, bright red cookies are perfect for Christmas. Top these red velvet cookies with green sprinkles, white chocolate chips, or both for a festive treat. 

Personally, I would recommend baking different eggless cookies for each holiday party so you can find your favorite. You've got to get your technique mastered before the first holiday party of the season, and I'd be more than happy to taste test. Happy baking!