Here I was, standing at CAB fair, a stack of club flyers in my hand, and super confused as to which ones I should join. As I entered my freshman year at Georgetown, I was told time and time again that I hadto join clubs as a part of social life, and I had to join more than 1 club too. But with so many options out there, how was I supposed to pick? 

They say that college is the time to really explore who you are as a person—to make friends that are a perfect fit for you, to figure out what you’re interested in, to decide what makes you happy. And after a mere year at Georgetown, I’m happy to say that I think I’ve got that down-pat already, and it wouldn’t have happened without Spoon.

beer, cake, pizza
Brittany Arnett

Spoon is the perfect organization for me at Georgetown. I get to write, something I’ve always loved to do, and I get to write about all things food, also something that I (obviously) love. Plus I’m surrounded by amazing people who share the same interests as me and who know what it means to take a pic for the ‘gram.

In case you need more convincing, here are 11 reasons to join Spoon Georgetown this fall. 

1. It's a club centered around food.

corn, bread, vegetable, tacos
Hailey Maher

Food > studying for Problem of God. Food > working at any other organization. Food > napping (yeah, I said it). Food > Yates (obviously). Food > cramped New South pre-games. Food > boyfriends & girlfriends. Do I have to go on?

2. You create amazing friendships.

beer, water
Hailey Maher

Actual Spoon encounter: “Hey, do you want to write a recipe article together on like a bunch of s’mores stuff?” “Yeah, sure!” 128+ articles, 1.3 million page views, and two leadership positions later, Hailey & I are un-spoon-stopable.

3. You get to be behind sick events around campus.

chicken, meat, lettuce, parsley, tomato, bread, vegetable
Andrew Yan

From seeing fellow Hoyas shove whip cream in their faces in Red Square, to meeting the Editor of Edible DC and the chef of Maketto and Toki Underground, Spoon’s events are no joke. And you just wait for what we have lined up this year.

4. You party “have good, clean fun.”

apple, sweet
Hailey Maher

You’re in college. Live a little. Spoon will help.

5. You're published in front of a worldwide audience.

Spoon allows you to write, on basically any topic, for the entire world. Your family members, friends, enemies, and even ex-relationships will see your name attached to awesome articles all over – shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and on They’ll totally be jealous.

6. You get to write in your own voice.

Brittany Arnett

You know what’s awesome about Spoon? No one tells you how to write or what to write about – everything is totally up to you, and written in your own opinion. Go ahead! Share your thoughts! Everyone at Georgetown would love to hear them.

7. You're part of a larger community.

Spoon University is not only on Georgetown’s campus – it’s a network of over 11,000 contributors at 289+ college campuses. You’ll be able to connect to thousands of great people around the world (yeah, that’s bigger than the US), all sharing your love of marketing, writing, photography, and most importantly, food.

8. You'll make an impact on Georgetown's campus.

lettuce, cheese, meat, chicken, bread, sandwich
Hailey Maher

Throwing events, writing articles, taking photos, and branding Spoon across Georgetown, you’ll provide the everyday food resource for Georgetown students. Help them navigate the Georgetown bar and food scene, or, even worse, navigate the Leo’s scene.

9. You can gain real experience for your future.

beer, coffee, wine
Vicky Gu

The activities we do at Spoon are not just fun and games, they apply to real-world scenarios. Through writing, marketing, social media, event planning, and even photography, you’ll gain the skills and experience — not to mention major resume bragging rights — for any job or internship.

10. You get amazing opportunities around the community.

cereal, corn, pepper, vegetable
Hailey Maher

From local freebies to giant potluck dinners, Spoon will hook you up (food-wise). Once a few members and I got to tour sweetgreen behind-the-scenes, tasted their products as they were being made fresh, and even got four free salads. Four.


AND WHO DOESN’T LOVE FUN? Apply to be a part of Spoon University Georgetown here!