I have always loved the smell of food cooking on the grill. The smoky aroma makes me feel like I've transported to a summer barbecue. And although everyone knows that burgers and hot dogs are great for grilling, few know about the less conventional foods that taste better grilled. The list below features ten foods that'll have everyone at your cookout coming back for seconds.

1. Grilled Pizza

pizza, chicken
Danielle Nee

Pizza is a safe bet to serve at a party because pretty much everyone loves it. Even though you thought pizza was already as delicious as it gets, making your pizza on the grill takes it up a notch. Simply place your rolled out pizza dough right onto the grill and top with your favorite sauce and toppings, then cook.

2. Grilled Pineapple

cheese, polenta
Danielle Nee

Pineapples are a great summer fruit whether you're just eating it fresh or enjoying a relaxing Pina Colada. Cut your pineapple into strips, add a little cinnamon sugar on top, and grill to perfection.

3. Grilled Onions

cake, tea, milk, coffee, dairy product, sweet
Danielle Nee

Slice up a fresh onion and throw it on the grill until it has some beautiful char marks and you're done! Easy to make and pairs well with a juicy hamburger (or veggie burger).

4. Grilled Bananas

chocolate, cream
Danielle Nee

Peel bananas and top them with anything and everything (cinnamon sugar, chocolate, peanut butter, etc). Then place them on the grill and leave them until they're lightly charred. If you want to feel super fancy, you can serve them with ice cream and extra toppings of your choice.

5. Grilled Quesadilla

bread, barbecue, meat, pita bread
Danielle Nee

Quesadillas work great as a snack, a meal, or an appetizer. You can fill your quesadillas with anything under the sun, from just plain cheese, to mango salsa, to chicken and steak. Put a fun summer twist on this simple dish and you have a whole new way to enjoy your classic quesadilla with a unique grilled twist. 

6. Grilled Peaches

barbecue, peach
Danielle Nee

Take this deliciously juicy fruit and season with brown sugar and cinnamon and throw them on the grill until light char marks appear.  Then enjoy!

7. Grilled Avocados

vegetable, guacamole, sweet, avocado
Danielle Nee

Cut your avocado in half and remove the pit. Add oil, and optional lemon or lime juice, and place the halves flesh side down directly on the grill. Cook 2-3 minutes or until charred and serve sliced or with fresh tomato in the center. 

8. Grilled Donuts

doughnut, sandwich, sprinkles, cream, cake, chocolate, bun
Danielle Nee

Cut the donuts in half, place a little butter on each of the cut sides, and place them cut side down on the grill. Allow char marks to form on the cut sides of the donuts then remove them from the grill. Take one donut half and add ice cream, chocolate, peanut butter or any of your favorite toppings and place a second half on top to make the perfect grilled donut sandwich. 

9. Grilled Nuts

chicken, barbecue
Danielle Nee

Place any de-shelled nuts of your choice and a tablespoon of oil into a grill safe tray and cook for fifteen minutes, until all of the oil has cooked out and you have a fun take on a delicious and easy snack. 

10. Grilled Fruit Skewers

pineapple, mango
Danielle Nee

This recipe couldn't get any easier. Simply add a variety of your favorite fruits onto a bamboo skewer and grill them on both sides until char marks begin to appear. They're delicious by themselves, but can be taken to the next level when paired with ice cream, chocolate, or peanut butter.