1. Buffalo Chicken Dip

Worried about missing your favorite Superbowl Sunday dish this year? No worries, Eick has you covered. Head over to the bagel station and add some cream cheese to a bowl, mix in some hot sauce, then throw in some grilled chicken and blue cheese or ranch dressing from the salad station. While you’re at it, sprinkle a little bit of yellow cheese on top! Melt your mix until it’s warmed and be sure to grab some tortilla chips from the Mexican station when it’s ready or celery from the Omelet Bar.  

2. Disco Fries

If you're a student at TCNJ, chances are you live in New Jersey and are familiar with this diner classic. This comfort food is just as easy to create in the TCNJ Dining Hall, although your fries might not taste quite like they do when you usually consume them late-night at your favorite local diner. On a day where Eick is serving up foods that come with gravy (like turkey), make sure you stop by the grill to get fries and the Mexican station for your choice of cheeses. Put the 3 ingredients in the microwave until the cheese is melted.

3. Amp up Your Grilled Cheese

toast, bread, sweet, butter, grilled cheese sandwich, cake, honey, pastry, jam
Christin Urso

America’s favorite classic sandwich just got better. Be sure to top off your grilled cheese with lettuce and tomato from the Omelet Bar. Still doesn’t sound exciting? Mix some cheddar from the salad bar into the chili or tomato bisque to make the perfect dip for your sandwich. 

4. Make Your Own Wrap

Summer, napkin, Wrap, Pita, onions, outdoor, Market, Greek food, Greek, Tahini, Food in the Air, fita, Street food, fries, pork, gyro
Katie Kasperson

The 31 North Deli is a fitting name for this sandwich station in the TCNJ Dining Hall, considering you may be waiting in line for a wrap for at least 30 minutes. Can’t wait that long? No problem, just ask for a plain tortilla wrap. Head over to the salad bar to add chicken, cheese, your favorite veggies, and dressing and roll it up yourself. 

5. Banana PB Toast

toast, banana, french toast, butter, bread, sweet, cake, pastry, peanut butter
Delissa Handoko

It may be simple, but this classic combo is a classic for a reason. On those wintery mornings where you just have no motivation to start the day, be sure to stop into Eick on your walk to class and make this toasty, filling breakfast. Just don’t forget to switch it up on Wednesdays and Fridays when Eick offers Nutella.

6. Avocado Toast

Are you an avocado lover that wishes the Panera Bread in Campus Town was a Chipotle? Top your morning toast right here in the TCNJ Dining Hall with guacamole from the Mexican station and sliced tomatoes from the Omelet Bar for a power breakfast full of carbs, fiber, and healthy-fats. 

7. Chipotle- Inspired Bowl

Chipotle, Chipotle Burrito Bowl, burrito bowl
Jocelyn Hsu

Speaking of Chipotle, you can make your own bowl inspired by this Mexican-grill right here in the dining hall. Start off at the salad bar for a lettuce-base and grab fresh chicken from the grill. Finish it off at Roscoe’s Tacos by adding your favorite types of rice, beans, cheeses, and salsas. Oh, and be sure to take advantage of the fact that guac isn’t extra at Eick.

8. Gluten- Free Foods Aren't What you Think

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Molly Gamache

The “gluten-free” diet is quickly becoming a trend, not just among those who actually have a gluten allergy. Although people tend to associate being gluten-free with less carbs and weight loss, gluten-free foods often have a lot of fillers to replace the gluten, such as potato starch. Believe me, there is nothing healthy about buffalo mac and cheese or three cheese lasagna, whether there is gluten in it or not. However, when you do have a craving for something like that and it’s not being served elsewhere in the dining hall, check out the fridges in the gluten-free section for prepared meals. They also have muffins, cereals, donuts, crackers and bags of cookies for an on-the-go snack. 

9. An A-peel-ing Snack

Okay, this one might just be a little too classy for Eick. However, it may just be the perfect snack to cheer you up on a Saturday in Autumn, after you’ve been studying in the Lib all day and find out your family back home just went apple-picking without you. Slice up an apple and put it in the microwave to soften it up a bit, then top it with vanilla soft-serve, or fill it with oatmeal during breakfast time. You can also drizzle honey on top using the packets by the coffee and tea or granola from the cereal bar. 

10. "Twist" up Your Ice-cream

So you’ve just finished all your vegetables and a highly-questionable, unidentified piece of meat from Quimby’s and feel like you owe it to yourself to have dessert. Although you can just make a classic cone with your choice of sprinkles, it does get boring after a while. Switch it up with a cup of vanilla soft serve topped with corn flakes (or your favorite cereal), berries (when they’re available), and a drizzle of honey, peanut butter, or Nutella. Trying to stay healthy? Swap out the ice-cream for Greek yogurt instead!