Water is quite literally the best liquid you can give your body. Our bodies are about 50-65% water and without enough intake of water, it can leave you feeling sick and lethargic. But if your like me and the bland taste of water just doesn't do it for you all of the time, then don't fear: you will enjoy these 10 flavorful fruit and water combos that will keep you hydrated and feeling alive, with some flavor to keep your taste buds happy.

1. Sprite

Just a little bit of lemon and a little bit of lime. The sprite combo without all the unnecessary sugar and calories. A great take on a classic fruit combo.

2. Orange you glad you added Kiwi

Cut up some orange and some kiwi and throw it all together to make this tasty "out-of-the-box" combo. Who knew they went together so well?

3. Minty Fresh

Adding some fresh mint and some juicy raspberries is all you will need to make this refreshing drink (and your morning breath will thank you).

4. Feelin' Blue

This blueberry and lime combo will turn that frown upside down, no doubt about that.

5. A day at the Spa

Take those cucumbers off your eyes and throw them in some water with lemon. Spa day can totally be everyday. Not to mention this combo is a great natural cleanser.

6. Berry Basil Blast

Strawberry and Basil, who knew? This combo is quite unique and definitely a match made in flavor heaven.

7. The Rosie

This combo of watermelon and rosemary is a little bit more out there, but it guarantees to not disappoint. 

Photo by Neha Deshmukh | Unsplash

nehadeshmukh on unsplash

8. Citrus Delight

Who doesn't love citrus? Lemon, Lime, and Orange are the perfect blend.

9. Strawberry Tango

Something a little more tropical and very tasty. Strawberry and Mangos give you the perfect taste of the tropics.

Photo by Jez Timms | Unsplash

jeztimms on unsplash

10. Fireball

You mix some strawberries and some lime and add a touch of cinnamon to spice it up!