Tailgating season is upon us, and now that La Croix is all the rage with basic girls across the nation, using it as a mixer for every drink is a must. If you haven't experienced a worthy tailgate, try checking out the top 35 tailgating colleges in America. Why not contribute to the madness? Alcoholic seltzers are all the rage and trending brands such as Truly, Spiked Seltzer, and Nauti Seltzer are seen everywhere. Here are a few La Croix cocktails to fill your red solo cup at the next tailgate and get you ready for game day. 

1. Whiskey Sour

Ingredients: Two shots or two of your choice of whiskey (I prefer Jameson), a dash of sour mix, and cherry lime flavored La Croix to tie it together.

I figured to mix it up after having the classic Jamo and ginger...and the Jamo and Coke time and time again.

2. Cranberry Tangerine 

Ingredients: Two shots of your choice of vodka (I've been on a Deep Eddy's kick lately), equal parts cranberry juice, a splash of sour mix, and Tangerine La Croix. 

3. Mojito 

Ingredients: Two shots of Bacardi, simple syrup to taste, mint leaves, and a lime flavored La Croix. Throw it all in a cup and you're good to go.

4. Muddled Moonshine 

Ingredients: Two shots cinnamon moonshine, apple cider, maraschino cherries, and apple cranberry La Croix 

Muddle (mash on the bottom) a few maraschino cherries, add the two shots, add the equivalent of apple cider, and pour in the La Croix.

5. Wine Mixers

Ingredients: Half cup rosé and half Pineapple Strawberry La Coix.

Catering to the "It's just that simple." Badabing, badaboom.

6. Pineapple Yum Yum

Ingredients: Two shots of Buttershots schnapps, a splash of pineapple juice, and coconut La Croix.

Mix them all together and you're set! 

7. Paloma

Ingredients: Two shots of tequila, equal parts grapefruit juice, and Pamplemousse (Grapefruit) La Croix.

By adding the La Croix, you spritz your Paloma up with some more grapefruit flavor with bubbles, creating a classic twist on an old favorite.

8. Gin Fizz

Ingredients: Two shots of gin, a splash of lemon juice, simple syrup to taste, and lemon La Croix to top it off.

Making a Gin Fizz has never been easier.

9. Mango Madness

Ingredients: Two shots of Malibu, a splash of mango juice (I always get Langer's Mango Nectar), and mango La Croix.

I love mango everything so I knew I needed to create something satisfying! The mango nectar is pretty dense and sugary, so if you aren't too keen on sweetness, I wouldn't add much.

10. Elderflower Flor

Ingredients: Two shots of St. Germain Liqueur, peach-pear La Croix, and frozen strawberries to throw in to give it more fruity flavors.

Curious about these La Croix cocktails? Try them for yourself; you'll never know unless you try. Pair your favorite tailgate foods with one of these cocktails. Please drink responsibly, because you've gotta make it to the game!