Tater tots are clearly the best type of potato product. I wouldn't call them a "fry" because that's sorta minimizing how great (and versatile) they are. My favorite way to prepare tater tots is to deep fry them until crispy, but your nearest oven will work just fine too. Here are some of my favorite tater tot recipes: 

1. Cowboy Casserole

You can find the perfect level of spice and heat in this casserole. Add corn, beef, beans, and your favorite Southwestern spices to make a delicious dinner or new party favorite. 

2. Tater Tot Nachos 

Load up on these tater-chos at your next party. They're easy to grab so they make a great appetizer! 

3. Tater Tot Waffles

All you'll need for this one are tater tots and a hot waffle iron. Use your waffle as a base for eggs benny or just as a creative side! 

4. Bacon-Wrapped Tater Tots

Impress all of your friends with these bacon-wrapped tater tots! You can serve them with crafty seasonings and sauces to add an extra kick. 

5. Tater Tot Pizza

The only food better than tater tots? Pizza. Mash the two of them together with this recipe! 

6. Tater Tot Frittata

This one-pan breakfast Frittata bakes egg and cheese with a crispy tater shell. 

7. Chili Cheese Stuffed Tater Tots

Football season might be cancelled this year, but you can still make these tailgate-ready chili cheese stuffed tater tots. 

8. Mini Tater Tot Sliders

Summer is the time of year for grilling, so why not try these tiny tater sliders? Yeah, they might be a pain to set up and perfect, but at least they get a seal of approval from Tiny Kitchen...

9. Tater Tot Lasagna

Because you could never go wrong with cheese and tater tots- right? 

10. Just a Bowl o' Tots

Honestly, any way you enjoy tater tots is perfectly fine with us. My favorite way to eat them is by the bowl-ful. Toss with seasonings (may I suggest onion and garlic powder) and enjoy in good company.