Fall means a lot of things: the weather is cooler, the scarves are out, and most importantly, it's baking time. It's also time for the quintessential fall feeling of being all cozy with a snug blanket, and watching the clouds swarm outside your window, with the smell of warm cookies wafting through the air. Lucky for you, we've got just the recipes to satisfy your fall cravings, with just the right hint of sugar, spice, and everything nice.


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Photo courtesy of Averie Cookies

This first recipe is a cookie classic that you can't go wrong with. Not only is it covered in a delicious coat of fall-inspired cinnamon, but it pairs perfectly with any hot tea or coffee you drink while you snuggle up with your favorite movie.

Pumpkin Spice Sugar Cookies

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Photo courtesy of Crazy for Crust

We ALL know about what really defines fall: the return of the pumpkin spice latte. Now, you can get the pumpkin, the spice, and the taste all from the comfort of your own home. 

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Photo courtesy of Averie Cookies

If you want to add a fall twist to some chocolate chip cookies, try this recipe out. It's still got the classic chocolate, but it adds in the pumpkin for a kick of autumn. 

Pecan Pie Shortbread Cookies

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Photo courtesy of The Emotional Baker

A pie in cookie form, this sweet and simple recipe is great for you pecan pie lovers. Crunchy, gooey, tasty, and most importantly, it tastes like a pie, but requires half the work. 

Hot Chocolate Cookies

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Photo courtesy of Averie Cookies

Hot chocolate is a fall favorite, and now you can have this sweet and chocolately drink as a cookie. Mind = Blown. 

Apple Cookies with Butterscotch Frosting

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Photo courtesy of House of Yums

Crisp, fall leaves come in lots of colors: green, red, orange, yellow. Lucky for us, so do apples. Pairing the tang of fruit with butterscotch is the perfect combination to bring on fall with a bang. 

Peanut Butter Pudding Cookie Monsters

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Photo courtesy of Dorthy Kern, Crazy for Crust

If none of the recipes can get you in the mood, this one definitely will. Those fall season sprinkles and googly eyes make for a cute and tasty cookie that everyone loves.

Apple Pie Cookies

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Photo courtesy of Lovely Little Kitchen

For my dessert lovers out there, one of the hardest decisions you can be faced with is choosing between some of your favorites: pie or cookie? The good news: you can have the best of both worlds with these apple pie cookies, packing the punch of your favorite pie in a small bite.  

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Thumbprint Cookies

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Photo courtesy of Eat Cake for Dinner

Nothing says it's fall like pumpkin, and with cookies this small, you can make tons of servings for all your friends. Plus everyone knows the best math equation surrounding cookies: smaller cookies = more space to cook them = more cookies = everyone is happy. 

White Chocolate Oreo Cookies

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Photo courtesy of The Recipe Critic

A must have is this Oreo cookie recipe. It's a cookie within a cookie. IT'S COOKIE-CEPTION. The best part? It just gives you that warm and fuzzy fall feeling you need while the rain gets colder and harsher outside. 

As the cold sets in, these cookies will be able to bring you some warmth in all the places that matter: your heart, home, and stomach. Whether your favorite ingredients are pumpkin, cinnamon, apple, or even just original chocolate, hopefully these delicious recipes find their ways into your ovens. Start pre-heating.