Traveling is such an important part of our lives. It's how we experience cultures other than our own and learn about the world around us. There is, however, one thing that ties us together, no matter where we come from: food. Whether you're palette prefers a good wine and chocolate pairing at a 5-star bistro or a cheesy slice of pizza enjoyed on the comfort of your own couch, foodie culture is universal and has the ability to bring people together. And if you're planning on traveling the world or going on a road trip across the states, it's always good to know of places to eat in your back pocket! Because honestly, no one is truly happy when they're hungry, jet-lagged, or (*gasp*) a combination of both. Luckily, I compiled a list of books that traveling foodies should read before venturing off to their next destination. 

1. Where Chefs Eat: A Guide to Chefs' Favorite Restaurants (2015) by Joe Warwick

Not only is this book aesthetically pleasing, but it's recommendations will make your life a lot easier when you're trying to find the best local food spots. It takes professional chefs' opinions from around the world, then compiles it into an easily digestible encyclopedia of highly regarded restaurants. These restaurants range from expensive to affordable, so it's perfect for the flexible budget. Gift this to your favorite food-obsessed friend or keep a copy for yourself!

2. Food Trails (2016) by Lonely Planet Food 

A collection of beautiful photography accompanies this well-designed and easy to read book. Food Trails takes delicacies from major cities around the world and focuses on the best local foods and restaurants. From countries like Argentina to Vietnam, this book also includes places to stay, things to do, and the history behind local traditional foods! 

3. The Desserts of New York (And How to Eat Them All) (2017) by Yasmin Newman

A food and travel writer, Newman journeys throughout New York City to find the most in-demand, on-trend desserts and documents her discoveries in this recipe-travel-hybrid book. Newman shares recipes of her own recreations of these desserts with stunning photography that are Instagram-able AF. If you're a dessert lover planning to travel to New York City or living in or outside the city, this book is the one for you.

4. Foodie Top 100 Restaurants Worldwide (2013) by Mode Media

With contributions from top critics, editors, and traveling foodies, this book goes into more acute observations of restaurants and food. Small details including ambiance and service are factored into this list that is sure to include the latest and greatest food hot spots. The book also has individual encounters and tips by the critics, which makes for more reliable reviews of restaurants rather than anonymous or crowd-sourced online recommendations!

5. Food Lover's Guide to® Los Angeles (2013) by Cathy Chaplin

Los Angeles has become a hub for diverse cuisines and new food trends. If you're planning on traveling out west to the Golden State or currently living in the area and you're looking for new places to eat, the title of the book is pretty self-explanatory. Written in an engaging voice, Chaplin includes the best local restaurants and everything food-related, such as where to find the freshest produce, unique bars and wineries, etc. 

6. 1,000 Foods To Eat Before You Die: A Food Lover's Life List (2015) by Mimi Sheraton

You can go ahead and add every single place in this book onto your foodie bucket list. An award-winning cookbook author, food journalist, and former restaurant critic for The New York Times, Sheraton offers the best recommendations from around the world. Every recommendation is followed by an in-depth and honest review alongside detailed descriptions of Sheraton's food encounters. 

7. Roadfood (2017) by Jane and Michael Stern

In the tenth edition of Roadfood, married traveling foodies Jane and Michael Stern takes readers to 1,000 of America's best local food joints, hidden gems, and hot spots. A coast-to-coast guide, this book is perfect for a road trip across the states and hits all the most popular foods of each coast; a real treat if you're someone who enjoys traditional American food and the full-on "diner experience"!

8. Where to Eat Pizza (2016) by Daniel Young

From iconic New York-style pizza to Chicago deep dish to pizzerias in Norway, this book has places all around the world that every pizza aficionado should know about. Similar to Where Chefs Eat, this book follows the same format and style, as well as offers history behind how different regions like to have their pizza. I don't know about you, but I could go for pizza anytime, anywhere, so this book is perfect for my travels!

9. Desserts of New York (2017) by Teodora Kanlic 

Yes, another book on desserts of New York because I personally love this city and I feel it has a never-ending bounty of desserts! This book is a simplistic guide to some of the most picturesque desserts New York City has to offer. It includes full-page photos with brief descriptions, making it an easy flip through with lots of enticing, drool-worthy desserts on display.

10. Where to Drink Coffee (2017) by Avidan Ross and Liz Clayton

This book is more for my fellow coffee addicts. *looove* coffee and like any caffeine-crazed fan, I really enjoy trying out new coffee shops and cafés. With a similar format and style as Where Chefs Eat and Where to Eat Pizza, this book makes finding the best coffee anywhere in the world. Coffee plays a major part in different countries and many cultures drink it a certain way. This book does a great job at explaining this and recommending where to drink coffee, espresso, lattes, or however way you take your daily cup (or two!) of java.