I'm sure if you attend OSU, on more than one occasion, you've been unable to find an open table in a cafe location, when all you need is some caffeine and space to do homework. This list of the best coffee shops for studying near Ohio State University is for those who aren't afraid to explore off campus to drink some good coffee and do some studying.

Kafe Kerouac

Bailey Murphy

First on the list is Kafe Kerouac, a unique spot found on North High Street. Kafe Kerouac is a cozy joint, home to coffee drinks inspired and named after various literary icons, including Jane Austen, Toni Morrison, and even Dr. Seuss. The ambiance of the cafe provides a great space to either chat with friends, study, or browse their own selection of literature to buy.

Fox in the Snow

Next on the list is the well-known Fox in the Snow Cafe. With three Columbus locations: New Albany, the Italian Village, and German Village, there are multiple opportunities to swing by and grab a New Orleans iced coffee and a mouthwatering Blueberry Galette. Although a little farther from campus, this cafe is a must-try with so many high quality pastries to choose from and a comfortable setting. With calm, aesthetically pleasing furnishings, Fox In the Snow is a great place to fuel up, treat yourself and do a little bit of homework.

Coffee Connections

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Christin Urso

Another great spot is Coffee Connections. You can find this cafe in Hilliard, Plain City, and right off South Campus at Gateway. Coffee Connections at Gateway is small but mighty, offering a limited amount of seating but a decent variety of foods and high-quality coffee.

Crimson Cup

You may be familiar with Crimson Cup as the brand of coffee in some of the campus coffee shops. Found in Clintonville, Upper Arlington, and Tallmadge, you can find a Crimson Cup shop offering an exciting variety of handcrafted beverages that you won't be able to find on campus. Featured below is their Mayan Mocha, delivering a caffeinated twist on a Mexican Hot Chocolate. Although it offers a limited amount of seating options, Crimson Cup can be a nice, quiet place to be productive and get your coffee fill.

Stauf's Coffee Roasters

Bailey Murphy

Before this year, you would've had to drive or take the bus to Stauf's Grandview, Victorian Village (located in an old church!), and German Village, but there is a new location right off South Campus. Out of the best coffee shops, Stauf's is very popular, offering a wide variety of cold and hot drinks, as well as food options. One of their many outstanding items is the dreamy, creamy Almond Milk Latte. It's hard to be disappointed at a Stauf's due to their extensive menu and eclectic, homey environment.

Grandview Grind

Grandview Grind, located in Grandview about a 10-minute drive from campus, is another high-quality cafe you can swing by for a good cup of coffee and a delicious, oversized pastry. With a cozy, welcoming environment, you can sit and relax with some coffee, tea or a smoothie and get on that study grind.

Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea

Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea is a coffee shop that recently popped up along E 17th Street this year! Offering unique signature blends like Dragon Eye and French Vietnamese Au Last, Sweetwaters is a comfortable spot close to campus that has quickly become a popular place to grab some joe and experience a friendly off-campus feeling, only a walk away.

Happy sipping!