When it comes to health benefits, the Mediterranean diet is hard to beat. Not only does a diet full of plant-based foods, olive oil, whole grains, herbs and spices help lower cholesterol and assist in weight loss, but it also reduces the risk of developing diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and even various types of cancers. 

Zoës Kitchen, the healthy and delicious Mediterranean-inspired counter-serve restaurant chain, encourages customers to embrace the Mediterranean lifestyle and diet by getting as much out of every meal and everyday as possible.

At Zoës Kitchen, you can indulge in fresh and naturally healthful kebabs, salads, soups, lean proteins and sandwiches. I love Mediterranean food and am so excited that Zoës Kitchen finally arrived in Delaware.

Great for vegetarian, meat lover and gluten free diets alike, Zoës Kitchen will always put a smile on your face and leave you feeling great. Take a look at some of the food you can expect to find at your local Zoës.

Vegetable Kebobs

pepper, vegetable, salad, tomato, meat, chicken, onion
Colleen Kilburn

These heavenly grilled veggie kebobs are served with a classic Greek side salad, warm pita and a side of braised white beans. If I could have this entrée every day of the week, I would.  If you love Zoës Kitchen's food as much as I do, you can even have them cater your next event.

Tossed Greek Salad

salad, chicken
Colleen Kilburn

This flavorful and filling salad takes a unique approach on the classic Greek salad by adding caramelized onions and pasta salad.  Zoës Kitchen prides themselves on preparing all their meals from scratch, and meals also are relatively inexpensive even though they include noticeably high quality ingredients.

Basil Pesto Hummus 

vegetable, soup, cream, herb, bread, parsley
Colleen Kilburn

Because of my Greek roots, I grew up eating hummus, but trust me when I say that this basil pesto hummus is the best hummus I have ever had. Even if you think you have finally found your favorite hummus flavor after taste testing roasted red pepper, caramelized onion and sun-dried tomato, think again. 

Zoës Greek Dressing

juice, beer, jam, liquor, alcohol
Colleen Kilburn

This simple, yet incredibly tasty Greek dressing is made from scratch on premises at each Zoës Kitchen.  A perfect blend of olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt and spices, this Greek dressing is perfect on top of every salad and and entrée too. 

Salmon Kebobs 

With innovative menu items such as salmon kebabs, you will never be disappointed or bored eating at Zoës Kitchen. Other Zoës Kitchen classics include the grilled chicken pita sandwich and spinach roll ups, which are tortillas stuffed with mozzarella, fresh mushrooms, feta, roasted tomatoes, scallions and salsa.

Zoës Kitchen is quickly becoming one of the top reasons to visit Delaware, so be sure to check on the menu online and type in your zip code to find the closest Zoës Kitchen near you.