Yuzu Sushi & Robata Grill, in Chicago, IL, offers a wide variety of sushi roll options. With each platter comes a different combination of sauces and swirls to make a beautiful design that matches your order. If you are to order a dragon roll, you will receive an intricate dragon flying across your platter in a rainbow of different colors.

If your order doesn't have an animal theme to it, then you will be surprised with an artistic design.

I usually eat my sushi with soy sauce. However, the layers and spread of sauces that are displayed on the platter intrigued my friends and I to actually try out something new. I surprisingly loved all of the sauces and was glad I was displayed with something new to try.

Even their sushi is creatively artistic. It's colorful and rapped in a marbled art of sorts.

There is even a platter for children. Hello, Mickey Mouse!

However, I have to say the animal art is still my favorite.

Look at that saucy crab and dragon.

And of course the fish. 

Even though the sauces are so delicious, it doesn't take away from how fresh, creative, and savory the sushi is. The service is incredible at this restaurant and if you are not a sushi fan you can still ask for something on the grill menu and request a decorative platter. While I waited to see what my plate would bring, my friend requested a dragon design.

This has become our favorite restaurant and is actually very easy to get to because it's on the outskirts of Chicago. This means if you're coming from the suburbs you can dodge lots of traffic. However if you are coming from downtown, it is worth the wait in the car.

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Allie Patenaude

They even have fun cartoons on the walls to read.