1. Rose's Cafe

Abbie Schulz

Rose's Cafe is located in the Marina district of San Francisco. If you want boujee to the extreme, then the Marina is the place for you. The Marina largely consists of people in their 20's and 30's and has a ton of great restaurants, bars, boutiques, and cafes that attract lots of young people, including Rose's Cafe. Rose's is your quintessential brunch spot. With adorable outdoor seating, marble tables, flowers, and food like this, it makes for the go to brunch spot. You can absolutely find this place packed on the weekends. My must-haves include the smoked salmon and scrambled egg pizza, and the incredible bread pudding french toast with apples and whipped cream.

2. Cafe Reveille

Abbie Schulz

Cafe Reveille is another boujee place, known for their pink tables outside and totally "Instagramable" food. Bonus, the food actually tastes amazing too. Their BLT is to die for, and they make an amazing hot chocolate. You can find many spreads of their food with the pink tables on Instagram

3. Boba Guys

Boba Guys is taking over San Francisco. If you are late to the boba party, read all about this bubbly drink here. You will find so many bloggers here on the daily, confessing their love for Boba Guys and snapping photos. This upscale Boba shop is turning into the top boujee place, and is certainly worthy of it. Their boba is some of the best in town. 

4. Home Cafe

Known for their crazy cool lattes like the one above, Home SF Cafe makes for the perfect place to snap that Instagram worthy shot. I mean what is more boujee than sipping on a rainbow sprinkle latte? Oh wait I know: gramming a rainbow sprinkle latte. And if that doesn't get you your rainbow fix, then one of these surely will.

5. Project Juice

As if the whole acai bowl thing wasn't boujee enough, Project Juice is all about the acai bowls and healthy smoothies. Plus, they now offer plant based food to-go.  Project Juice is located in SF's Mission district which is such a fun area. If you're a yoga-doing, green juice sipping kinda person, you will fit right in with the Mission district crowd. 

7. The Riddler 

Last but certainly not least, if you are 21+ then you absolutely need to stop here. The Riddler is a champagne bar. Yup, champagne, caviar, truffle popcorn, and has the cutest interior and exterior ever. They even have brunch on the weekends, which is so fun. So, go ahead and grab your bestie, dress to the nines, and cheers to champagne. 

Just because something is boujee does not mean it's over rated. Each one of these places has amazing food, drinks, and an awesome ambiance! They are popular for a reason. For other food articles on San Francisco, check out my article on the top ice cream places in San Francisco! Another great one, the fifteen best restaurants in SF with outdoor seating! For those of you not in SF but still looking for boujee inspiration, check out these restaurants in Madison.