If there’s one thing Atlanta does better than most, it’s brunch. Rolling out of bed knowing there’s a delicious Sun in my Belly eggs benedict or General Muir bagel with lox in the near future makes any Sunday morning better. But what do you do when you’re vegan and you simply can’t eat those quintessential eggs, bacon, or buttermilk pancakes? Do you go to brunch and order a boring toast and jelly, or milk-less bowl of granola? Not anymore.  Atlanta thankfully offers some great choices ranging from fully vegan hotspots to non-vegan restaurants with vegan options. Stop settling for a sub-par brunch and check these out:

1. Café Sunflower 

syrup, blueberry, sweet, pancake, pastry, berry, cake, chocolate
Alex Frank

As a devoted vegan sit-down restaurant, Café Sunflower is well known in the non-animal product eating community. What most people don’t know, however, is that the extensive Sunday Brunch Menu features many revamped foods that would typically contain animal products such as butter, eggs, meat, milk, etc. The blueberry pancakes that make up this vegan brunch, instead, are made with almond butter, maple syrup, and vegan whipped cream. Another crowd favorite, chicken and waffles, uses seitan (made from wheat gluten) to make the “chicken” tenders a perfect vegan way to satisfy any itch for non-vegan brunch foods. Besides these fun foods remakes, options like avocado toast, home fries, and English muffins make Café Sunflower a great brunch destination for everyone. 

2. Dulce Vegan Bakery and Cafe 

cinnamon, cinnamon roll, cake
Eddie Ngai

This Kirkwood cafe is more café-styled than Café Sunflower, but conveys the same fully-vegan ideals. Dulce Vegan’s claim to fame is undoubtedly their wide selection of butter and egg-less baked goods displayed beautifully in the large pastry case, containing a variety of scones, cinnamon roles, cookies, and tartes. Other vegan brunch breakfast options consist of bagels, a breakfast sandwich, granola, and chia pudding topped with whipped coconut cream . The wide variety of options and relaxed atmosphere at Dulce Vegan make it the perfect place to enjoy a coffee and a scone (or two) with a friend.

3. Herban Fix

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Amber Holte

The most unique of the vegan breakfast options, Herban Fix is another devoted strict vegan restaurant with a twist: their Sunday vegan brunch is entirely buffet styled. The Pan-Asian influence on their lunch and dinner food is also reflected in the all-you-can-eat buffet. Although the options are always changing, options here include tofu scramble, soy meats, sautéed vegetables, sushi, spring rolls, copious amounts of fruit, and truffles for dessert. Because Herban Fix is a more sophisticated sit-down restaurant and a bit on the pricier side (have to stick to that student budget), this is a great place to try on parent’s weekend.

4. True Food Kitchen

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Christin Urso

Although True Foods is not a strictly vegan restaurant like those previously mentioned, you can still get a really great animal product-less meal here, and all your friends will be happy to get brunch here. As denoted by the “V” on the menu, the vegan chorizo burrito is entirely vegan and made with tofu and quinoa. There’s also a selection of 4 different smoothies and a large portion of the normal menu available as well which includes their new vegan winter toast, salads, and vegan butternut squash pizza. And the best part of brunching at True Foods? The animal cruelty-free brunch cocktails and mimosas of course!

5. Upbeet

Cassie Cohen

This fairly new establishment has undoubtedly taken Atlanta by storm since its opening this past summer. Although best known for their salad and rice bowls, many people don’t realize that Upbeet also offers a wide selection of açai bowls, smoothies, lattes, and toasts (including a fantastic avocado toast, of course). Most of these are naturally vegan as well as being the perfect solution for anyone in search of a Sunday morning cleanse. In addition, the energetic and trendy vibes of this wellness emporium make it a great hangout for young college students craving a piece of the west coast, all in our very own ATL. 

6. The Kaldi's Depot

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Anna Lustig

Unfortunately, there are some Sunday mornings where that unfinished paper triumphs brunch plants. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still get a great vegan breakfast– your brain cells need the fuel! For these dire situations, turn to Kaldi's at the Depot. Here you can ask for avocado toast on sourdough bread without the cheese, oatmeal without cream as a side, or any one of the delicious smoothies (my favorite is chocolate peanut butter) for a very vegan yet satisfying on-campus breakfast. 

Finding delicious vegan food can often be a struggle, nevertheless vegan brunch. Thankfully, with all that Atlanta has to offer, there are some great restaurants offering animal product-less breakfast foods. Finally, you don’t have to settle and a delicious Sunday brunch can be a reality for all vegans and non-vegans alike!