Saloniki, everyone’s favorite fast-casual Greek restaurant with locations in Fenway and Central Square, is offering a special during the months of March and April. The item, nicknamed the “KFC” for Karen’s Fried Chicken, is the product of a collaboration between Saloniki and Myers & Chang, and is the creation of Karen Akunowicz, the Executive Chef and Co-Partner of Myers & Chang.

Tasty Collaboration

Both are notable Boston restaurants, so the prospect of a joint-menu item between Myers & Chang and Saloniki has most of Bean Town drooling.

What’s Inside the Pita

George Thomson

The KFC offers unique asian flavors, consisting of crispy fried chicken, sweet and sour coconut sauce, garlic yogurt, secret sauce, greens, Greek fries, spicy pickled slaw, and fresh herbs. If you opt for the pita option, you will enjoy this masterful combination of ingredients enrobed in the warm and just-made pita that Saloniki is known for. Or, if you’re in the mood for something with less carbs, you can opt to order the KFC as a platter. But let's be real, you came for the pita.

Ordering the pita option ensures that you have the perfect bite each time. The interplay of crispy chicken, tender pita, tangy yogurt, and bright herbs makes for a balanced dish that will leave you satisfied and eager for more. The addition of hearty and thick-cut greek fries to the pita also makes it a great dinner or late-lunch option, keeping you satisfied for hours. If you’re still hungry afterwards (we all have those moments), you can top off your meal with an order of Saloniki’s delectable donut-like loukoumades.

A Meal That Gives Back

The best part about the KFC is that $1 from every sale of the $9 pita or $10 plate will be donated directly to the Greater Boston Food Bank. So while you’re licking coconut sauce and garlic yogurt off of your plate, you can feel rewarded knowing that your lunch helped to put food on the table for hundreds of Boston families who don’t have access to meals. Now that’s the recipe for a winning dish.