Ocean Market Grill in Torrance (they are also located in Long Beach) offers up some of the most delicious and fresh seafood dishes in the area, and they are showing their chops at Dine LBC this August. I made it in to Ocean Market Grill and ordered some of the items that are being featured on their Dine LBC menu, and I was not disappointed. How could you be disappointed by clam chowder-covered fries? 

The Torrance location dining room is sleek and modern yet still maintains the relaxed beach atmosphere. If you dine outside, you can enjoy the beach breeze along with your fish wrap or OMG Fries (oh yeah, the ones covered in Clam Chowder). 

Before we received our food, "ooos" and "ahhhs" were coming from the table next to us as they received their dishes, making us even more excited to dig in.

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Anna Roccucci

Though they make look and sound quite simple, drowning perfectly fried potatoes in chowder with even more potatoes is incredibly delicious. The clam chowder provides all of the salt that fries usually need and also packs in the flavors that you love and recognize from the clams and herbs. These are a must try if you make it an Ocean Market Grill location. The menu also offers up some amazing dishes such as poke tacos, yum

Anna Roccucci

I didn't think poke could get any better, but boy was I wrong. O.M.G. offers up perfectly seasoned pieces of ahi tuna in tiny wanton taco shells, and you will never want to eat poke any other way again. Spicy Sriracha aioli covers the top of the chopped ahi tuna, and the tacos sit next to sweet slaw that make for the perfect bite. 

Anna Roccucci

There are many ways of ordering and enjoying fish on the menu, but the wrap was most enticing to me. I was extremely pleased with my choice of a wrap filled with rice, pickled veggies, pico, aioli and salmon. When you order your wrap, you have the choice of a ton of different fish including ahi tuna and cod, and you can ask for it to be prepared blackened, in garlic sauce or simply salt and peppered.

The layers of flavor in the wrap will make you crave one of these bad boys later on. The wrap comes with chips and O.M.G.'s salsa that has the perfect amount of spicy. You can also choose your side amongst several options including zucchini, brussel sprouts or even more rice if you're a lil extra hungry.   

The best things in life are simple, and Ocean Market Grill surely proves that. Their menu isn't complicated, yet they serve several fish dishes prepared in few ways to absolute perfection. You have to try these clam chowder-covered fries at Ocean Market Grill, but I bet you'll stay for even more of the tempting items on the menu.