Everyone at Bryant will tell you how great the local food is. We are honestly #blessed to have as many options as we do for off-campus dining. The unfortunate thing is that not everyone knows about all these places right away… We know from our own experiences as upper classmen. Don’t you worry. We’ve compiled a guide of all the local restaurants for Bryant students to try; from Douglas Pike all the way to Prov and back to North Attleboro. Hopefully by the time you graduate, you’ll been able to eat your way through Rhode Island without missing any hidden treasures. You’re welcome in advance.

1. Baja’s

273 Thayer St, Providence


Photo courtesy of golocalprov.com

Baja’s is the new Chipotle, yeah I said it. It’s menu is expansive, and you can order pretty much anything from here. The guys working are super friendly and the make some of the best tex mex food I ever had. Definitely a go to stop in Prov.

2. J’s Deli

285 George Washington Highway, Smithfield


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This is the biggest Bryant staple you will ever hear of. Every student loves to take a mini vaca off campus to get a sub from J’s. Pretty much anything you get there is under $10, which is an amazing thing to hear. Not to mention that here’s such a wide variety of sandwiches and sides from there, that even the most picky students find something to love.

3. OV’s

5 Sanderson Rd, Smitfield RI3.


Photo courtesy of providencejournal.com

Your new go-to Sunday morning breakfast spot. The prices are so right, and they have both breakfast and lunch. Cash only though, so make sure you scrape up some change from the night before. You will not regret it.

4. B’z

970 Douglas Pike, Smithfield



Photo courtesy of bzburgers.com

Bz is less than 3 minutes from Bryant, so if you don’t try this place within the first month of school, you’re doing life all wrong. Bz is basically home to two different restaurants in one: Breakfast, Burgers & Beyond, and Pizza, Pasta, and Pints. If you’re looking for more of a gourmet breakfast, BBB is your place to be. If you’re looking for a solid pregame with cheap drink and food specials, head on over to the other side, PPP. I promise you, whichever side you choose to go, you will not be disappointed.

5. Enn

600 George Washington Hwy, Lincoln


Photo courtesy of rimonthly.com

This place is on the pricier side, but totally worth every bite. Cry until your family take you there on parents weekend, they’ll love the peaceful atmosphere and food almost as much as you do. They have specials running all week, too, so you can even blow some of the money you were saving from that summer job.

6. Blackie’s

181 George Washington Hwy, Smithfield


Photo courtesy of blackiesbulldogtavern.com

Blackie’s is the gem of Smithfield. With seasonal menus and eclectic flavors, this is the perfect place to channel your inner foodie. It may not be the cheapest place on the list, but it’s perfect to bring your parents when they come to visit you. Whether you order this as an appetizer or a meal, you will never go wrong with the Junkyard Nachos, they are to die for.

7. Antonio’s

256 Thayer St, Providence



Photo courtesy of providencesrestaurants.com

Across the street from Baja’s is the perfect place for a midnight bite. You may have heard of the legendary slices Antonio’s serves up in Amherst, MA, but we are also #blessed with these amazing pies. From potato and bacon to the very popular chicken quesadilla slices, this is the place to go when you only have a few dollars in your wallet.

8. Laura’s aka PVD

132 Pleasant View Ave, Smithfield


Photo courtesy of menuism.com

This is one of the best places to go for some diner food. The staff is really sweet, and will make you pretty much anything you ask for. The menu is huge, and breakfast is obviously served all day. It refreshing an inexpensive, which is perfect for the average Bryant student.

9. Rentes

1114 Douglas Pike, Smithfield


Photo courtesy of goingout.com

The fact that you can walk to Rentes from our isolated school is fantastic. The food is really well made, especially their legendary cheese fries. Also make sure you get a side of ranch with whatever you order, you will not regret it. You can go anytime during the week and run into a friend which is really fun. Don’t get us started on how fun TNR is either.

10. Harry’s Bar & Burger

121 North Main St. Providence

301 Atwells Ave. Providence


Photo courtesy of harrysbarburger.com

There’s now TWO locations, which makes us happy because we love the food here. They specialize in sliders, but they also have sandwiches, hot dogs, and dessert. Not to mention an awesome list of hipster beers. This place is casual and inexpensive. A must try for all Rhode Islanders.

11. Rocco’s Pub & Grub

55 Douglas Pike, Smithfield, RI


Photo courtesy of djcoreyeyoung.com

This pub is such a nice (and wicked cheap) alternative to Rentes. With daily specials like $1.50 slider Tuesdays or 35 cent wing Thursdays, don’t even try to use the “broke college girl” excuse to getting a bite to eat off campus. It’s delicious and affordable. Not to mention, fantastic hangover food.

12. Pickpockets

285 Washington Hwy, Smithfield


Photo courtesy of gastrolust.com

This place is amazing because it’s really customizable. They specialize in pita pocket sandwiches Their shaved steak and chicken with french fries is a football player’s dream. If you want something lighter, they serve salads and grape leaves, too. Mario, the owner is one of the best guys around, so be sure to strike up a conversation and you can be his new favorite.

13. Stillwater Tavern

280 George Washington Highway, Smithfield RI


Photo courtesy of stillwatertavernri.com

HELLA SPECIALS: Mondays & Thursdays: .25 wings, $2.00 drafts. Tuesdays: Order one burger get another FREE. Wednesdays: All You Can Eat PASTA $9.95. Easy to say that this place is a hub for all broke Bryant students.

14. Terrazza

645 Douglas Pike, Smithfield RI


Photo courtesy of terrazzari.com

If it’s a warm night in Smithfield and you’re craving Mediterranean cuisine, head to Terrazza. They have an adorable outdoor patio area and simple yet delicious menu items that will hit the spot.

15. Chick-fil-A

1500 Bald Hill Rd, Warwick RI


Photo courtesy of abcnews.go.com

Yeah… you read that right. Chick-fil-A, the southern classic fast food chain, is right here in RI. If you have a car (or have friends with cars), you can take a 15 minute drive to Warwick and get yourself a Chicken Delux.

16. Longhorn Steakhouse

1250 S Washington St., North Attleboro MA


Photo courtesy of longhornsteakhouse.com

Don’t be scurred. If you’re not from the area, know that North Attleboro is legit equal distance to Bryant as Providence. Longhorn is a popular chain restaurant that specializes in their flavorful and tender steaks. What’s clutch about Longhorn is that there are so many different kinds of cuts to choose from, and they’re relatively cheap too! The 6oz Renegade Top Sirloin is $11.99. Need we say more?

17. Marchetti’s

1463 Park Avenue, Cranston


Photo courtesy of tripadvisor.com

If you are looking to eat a full dinner and bring another home, this is the place for you, because the portions are huge. You can never go wrong with the classics like chicken parmesan or fettuccine alfredo. You don’t have to spend over $20 to have an amazing Italian dinner (or two).

18. Yamato

375 Putnam Pike, Smithfield


Photo courtesy of yelp.com

This sushi outlet is a an easy go to. For anyone who’s craving some fish, or some hibachi, Yamato has all the basics. It’s a nice atmosphere with great workers, and obviously the sushi is amazing. Perfect for a little date, or if you just want to stuff your face with some non-salmo sushi.

19. FSC

Near the pond


Photo courtesy of ewingcole.com

Yes, we’re talking about the Fisher Student Center on campus. Between Dunkin’, Nick’s, Subway, and The Scoop, there’s something for everyone . The biggest rookie mistake, though, is not taking advantage of all the free food that is in the FSC during the week hosted by various clubs, during Bryant @ Night events, or other welcome events such as “The Big B” in September. Look at the fliers posted on all of the residence halls and I promise you, there is a lot of free food to go around. Show up early because the secret is out.

20. Sonic

393 Putnam Pike, Smithfield RI


Photo courtesy of wpri.com

OK if you don’t already know, Sonic just came to Smithfield right off 7B (past Chipotle). BUT, did you know that they have half priced milkshakes after 8pm??? Life changing. Sure we’ve had better shakes in the past… however, you don’t have to leave your car, and you are literally paying as little as $2.00 for a shake. So many flavors. So little time.

21. Thirsty Beaver

45 Cedar Swamp Rd, Smithfield


Photo courtesy of z-ds.com

This place is the best for a quick and delicious meal. Their menu is eccentric because it’s typical bar food mixed with with cool “out of the box” food. You can get anything from burgers to a sushi taco which is super yummy. Go there with your friends on 50 cent wing night which is perfect for the broke college kid.

22. Trattoria Romana

3 Wake Robin Rd, Lincoln


Photo courtesy of tripadvisor.com

This is one of the best Italian places i’ve been to in Rhode Island. It’s really authentic, and there’s great service. They offer anything from lobster to salads, and good ones at that. It’s a little expensive for dinner, but they have a great lunch menu with paninis and pizzas that are to die for. Find a time to stop by, because it’s sure to be a delicious meal.

23. Pizzeria Romana

3 Wake Robin Rd, Lincoln


Photo courtesy of trattoria-pizza.com

Only a few steps from Trattoria Romana is some of the best damn pizza you will ever eat. If Domino’s just isn’t cutting it (pun intended) then take a short drive to Pizzeria Romana. The pizza is almost identical to the pies you find in Italy. The prices are very reasonable so get yourself a personal pizza or a large to share with your roomies (or yourself, no judgement). Unlike the Trattoria, you don’t need manners lessons to go there.

24. Delizioso Deli

1201 Douglas Pike, Smithfield


Photo courtesy of yelp.com


If you’re looking for some specialty sandwiches and (more) pizza, look no further. From caprese to cordon bleu, there is something for everyone here. They make great party pizzas which are awesome for club events and fundraisers. Be sure to pick up a half of pint of ziti or penne to keep in your micro-fridge for later!

25. Sweet Indulgence

2202 Broad St, Cranston


Photo courtesy of tripadvisor.com

This place is the epitome of sugar and spice, and everything nice. If you have an undeniable sweet tooth, this is the perfect stop for you. They have a wide range of cupcakes, cookies, and pastries. It’s the perfect go-to when you need a pick me up from studying all day.


That’s our round up of all the amazing places in and around Bryant U. Let us know your Rhode Island faves, we’re always looking for new places to go. And remember, by the time we graduate, it’s nice to look back on not just the memories we made, but the food we’ve eaten.