We all know how difficult budgeting can be as a college student, especially when there are so many delicious food options surrounding us. It isn't simple to just avoid a glorious meal at Hub Ice Cream & Eatery, although I wish it was. Being a college student means learning how to budget and you're in luck because I'm here to help. Here are five places to eat in Tucson if you're broke as sh*t like myself.

1. No Anchovies

No Anchovies is in a prime location, right on University Blvd. Not only the is location great, but the pizza is absolutely delicious. It may not be your healthiest option, but it sure is cheap; perfect for a broke college student. Pizza slices are just $3.75 a piece!

2. In-N-Out

Betsy Kaplan

This greasy goodness is another great aspect of Arizona. In-N-Out has my heart, not only from the tasty burgers and animal fries but because of how cheap the meal can be. A double-double burger is only $3.45. Really hungry? Make that double-double a meal for the small price of $6.80.

3. Bobo's Restaurant

Bobo's Restaurant serves incredible breakfast and lunch for a low price, which is perfect for people like me: broke. They have a wide range of sandwiches, which vary from $4 to $6. Can you say cheap goodness?

4. Azian

Good sushi is definitely difficult to find here in Tucson. If you do stumble upon a nice place, chances are it's pretty expensive. Look no further, Azian offers delicious sushi for great prices. Different types of sushi go for different prices, but they range from $1 for two pieces to $2.50 for four pieces.

5. Frankie's South Philly Cheesesteaks

I went here a few months ago for the first time and I certainly was not disappointed. Not only was the food indescribable, but it wasn't nearly as expensive as I'd expected. Frankie's offers a small plain steak for just $4.85; what a steal!

If you're reading this, remind yourself that you're not alone. We are all broke at the University of Arizona, and we can still eat at these five delicious places. Don't stop your munching on behalf of your bank account, there are ways around it.