University Boulevard added their newest hit restaurant, and it's a familiar face to some. No Anchovies closed down last fall for some major renovations, and let me say, they did an incredible job making the venue hipper. They added a bar area upstairs and it is all the rage. They even have games to keep you occupied while you're getting drunk. What more could you ask for? Dank pizza, that's what. No Anchovies delivers as they have incredible new pizza concoctions and great new alcoholic beverages. Here are five reasons why you must pay No Anchovies a visit.

1. Gourmet Slices

If I could manage to fit one of every slice No Anchovies has to offer in my stomach I totally would. Their unique new menu is off the chains, and I'm still in the process of trying each option. I highly recommend the bacon mac and cheese; it's a classic. Did I mention slices are only $3.75?

2. Loaded Tots

Oh my, doesn't that picture just catch your eye? No Anchovies offers a range of loaded tots. My personal favorite? The Buff Tots; hot wing chicken with ranch and melted bleu cheese. It doesn't get any better than that. 

3. Drinks

strawberry, ice, cocktail
Betsy Kaplan

Are you 21? If not, oh well, but if you are these new drinks are amazing. If you're a fan of the Moscow mule, I definitely recommend trying theirs. If you're going for something exotic they have this drink called the crazy ex. This drink contains Titos, one of my personal favorites, and pop rocks. Pop rocks in a drink? OK, I'm down.

4. The Games

What goes perfectly with a slice of gourmet pizza? Games. No Anchovies offers darts, Jenga, and connect four, making it a prime spot to grab a bite to eat and hang with your friends.

5. Location

Being located on University Boulevard, No Anchovies is extremely central. With their new upstairs bar area, they have a deck outside. How cool is that? Now it's really in the competition with Illegal Petes. The view is great, and definitely picture worthy. 

Next time you're on University, make sure to stop by No Anchovies. You won't regret it.