It's that time of year: mid-semester. Midterms are approaching, spring break is so close, and Flex Bucks are depleting. If you're anything like me, you've already used up more than half of your Flex Bucks allotted for this semester and you're looking to ball on a budget. Fear not, these cheap campus deals will make the most out of the few Flex Bucks you have left. If you don't have a dining plan with Flex or you're already all out, these picks are still pretty inexpensive and doable. 

Slices from Seminole Pies

A plain cheese pizza at Seminole Pies costs $1.95 and specialty pizza slices can go up to $3.29. You can even add 2 garlic knots to your order that just cost an extra $1.19. If you're not feeling the knots, Seminole Pies always has a daily special of one cheese slice with a drink for $4. On top of that, they have different deals each day.

Wraps and Sandwiches from Pollo Tropical

All wraps and sandwiches alone at Pollo Tropical cost $3.99. Save a quick buck by ditching that combo meal and grabbing a water cup instead.

The Original Chicken Sandwich from Chick-fil-A

It seems almost impossible to get Chick-fil-A nuggets without the fries, so you're more tempted to go for the meal. However, one $3.45 original chicken sandwich is usually filling enough and you get your carb fix from the bun. I guess you could also argue that you're getting a portion of your daily vegetable/fruit intake from the pickles. 

#spoontip: if you're at a Chick-fil-A off-campus, the options are even more plentiful.

6" Subs from Subway

All 6-inch subs from Subway range from $3.75 to $4.75. If you're willing to drop an extra 2 bucks, you can get the simple $6 deal: a 6" sub, chips, and a drink. All covered by a VIP meal plan. Boom.

Bagels from Einstein's Bros

It may be tempting to buy a bagel sandwich from Einstein's, but the simple bagels cost a mere $1.29. $1.79-2.79 with special spreads. On top of that, there's a special deal each day of the week such as $6 sandwiches and drinks and/or chips.

Breakfast at The Den

A stack of pancakes at The Den goes for $3.99 along with the brioche breakfast melts. Besides that, The Den is always here to serve you your 24/7 drunchies. Take your pick between a basket of 5 piece mozzarella sticks, onion rings, french fries, or sweet potato fries – all for less than $3.99.

Lite Bite from 4 Rivers

Okay, technically, this goes over the $5 budget, but only by 69 cents. This is the best inexpensive deal you can get at 4 Rivers. A slider with your choice of meat (just as loaded as the regular sized sandwiches), a side, and a drink all for $5.69. 

Breakfast at Rising Roll 

Breakfast is served all day at Rising Roll and all the options are the cheapest sandwiches on the menu ranging from $2.99-3.49. On top of that, their mac and cheese bread bowl is always available at $4.99 along with their grilled cheese and tomato soup combo.