World's Best Cookie Dough shop is New York City's largest cookie dough shop, and they are finding innovative ways to use cookie dough in anything and everything. From cheesecake to freak shakes, they infuse cookie dough into it all. I had a chance to sit down with one of the founding partners and hear more about how the company got started. 

The Scoop

World's Best Cookie Dough was created by 4 people from the software background. "We wanted to bring the same e-commerce experience into desserts. Create a one-stop shop." The founder, who wished to remain unnamed, mentioned that they wanted to do something different in the dessert world and infuse cookie dough into everything. His advice for anyone would be to do something innovative and new or take something, tweak it and make it better.

We discussed how Instagram has influenced the business; he said it has helped their growth and encouraged customers worldwide to visit the shop. Their cookie dough and stuffed cookies are also available online. Keep your ears open, they may have exciting plans for expansion coming soon.

Cookie Dough 

Hannah Freiberg

Cookie dough is the main attraction, so obviously they serve awesome raw cookie dough. They have over 15 flavors; some of my favorites include Banana Pudding, like Magnolia's famous pudding but with cookie dough in it, Brownie Batter, and Monster Peanut Butter.

Cookie Dough Stuffed Cookies 

Hannah Freiberg

This was definitely my favorite thing I tried at the shop. The exterior of the cookie was perfectly crisp, and, on the inside, there was warm, gooey cookie dough. I loved the cookies and cream stuffed cookie—it was the perfect balance of chocolate and vanilla. You can get any flavor cookie dough in the cookie. Pictured above is s'mores, a chocolate chip cookie loaded with gooey marshmallow. 

Cookie Dough Freakshakes 

"Freakshakes" or loaded milkshakes are one of the craziest dessert trends and Worlds Best Cookie Dough has infused their signature treat, cookie dough, into it. This is definitely the most innovative freakshake I've ever seen. The cookie dough is blended within the shake and comes in different flavors. 

Fried Cookie Dough 

Hannah Freiberg

Just like your favorite street fair or carnival treat, except the fried dough is filled with cookie dough! Topped with ice cream and chocolate, it makes a very decadent treat. I loved this unique twist on dealing with cookie dough, we bake it all the time but frying it is new to me.

Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwich 

Your classic ice cream sandwich except the ice cream is surrounded by cookie dough squares instead of cookies! I love warm cookie dough with ice cream because it's a perfect combination of a hot and cold treat. The ice cream compliments the sweet cookie dough perfectly. 

I was so impressed with how innovative World's Best Cookie Dough was. Definitely check out their shop at 164 Bleecker Street or order online. I look forward to seeing how they expand the brand!