Cafe Poca Cosa is a trendy restaurant, known for its fancy Mexican fare. This is a spot all University of Arizona students should try. When you are feeling like treating yourself, hit up Cafe Poca Cosa.

The urban bistro is decked out in fancy chairs and decorations. CPC is a perfect getaway from campus and the food is out of this world. Here're 5 reasons why you should pay them a visit.

1. Atmosphere

liquor, ale, beer
Rachel Hurvitz

When walking up to Cafe Poca Cosa, the outside is deceiving like any other Tucson restaurant. However, on the inside, the restaurant is decorated beautifully. The bar is stocked with fine liquors and other alcohol. The decor is super pretty and trendy. The chairs looked like they came out of Z Gallerie. Chandeliers are hung above many tables and the wall art is outstanding. Pictured above is one of the many paintings.

2.  Location

tea, pizza, coffee, beer
Rachel Hurvitz

Cafe Poca Cosa is located very central near all the hip and happening restaurants. When you are finished eating at Cafe Poca Cosa, I recommend walking to the Screamery for old fashioned fancy ice cream. There are also plenty of bars downtown, like Hi-Fi Kitchen and Cocktails to enjoy a drink before or after dinner or lunch.

3. Menu

meat, pizza, coffee, wine, gastronomy, beer
Rachel Hurvitz

The menu is very interesting. It changes every day, twice a day. Normally, the menu has a few different chicken, steak, and fish options. The mole is often always on the menu, which is a chocolate, nut, and chili sauce. Recommended is the Plato Poca Cosa, which is where the chef picks three random options and you don’t know what you get until it is served to you. My parents each ordered the Plato and were both able to try six options shared together. The waitress came over with the blackboard pictured above. She explained each dish in detail and they all seemed amazing! If you are feeling spontaneous, I highly recommend the Plato.

4. Pescado Tlalpeno

Rachel Hurvitz

This fish was extremely light and fresh. The cod filet was cooked perfectly. Layered with a tomatillo salsa and diced avocado, there was also a perfect amount of lemon juice sprinkled on top. To complete the plate, the fish was paired with a small salad and jicama. All the dishes came with small tortillas to make mini street tacos and paired with watermelon which was a different but yummy touch. It was nice to have something sweet at the end of a spicy, yet delicious dish.

5. Drinks

Cafe Poca Cosa offers a variety of drinks. They have a full bar, stocked with an extensive variety or tequilas and different margaritas. I recommend the AMF pictured above. An AMF features vodka, rum, tequila, gin, Blue Curacao liqueur and 7-Up soda. 

Tucson food is on the rise. This is definitely a hit and a great place to introduce to your parents. My family and I all enjoyed our food and are for sure going back. So, if you are feeling fun and wild, try Cafe Poca Cosa for a different approach to regular Mexican food.