We all scream for ice cream, but have you tried the Screamery? The Screamery is a local ice cream store that makes ice cream naturally. Many think naturally-made ice cream would not taste as good, but the Screamery has proved us all wrong. 

Serving ice cream in three different locations, the Screamery uses all natural ingredients when making their ice cream. In addition, they use grass-fed dairy and no artificial chemicals. The stores are locally owned and the dairy is pasteurized on-site. These factors may not be as important to you, but knowing them makes the Screamery a much better choice when going out for ice cream.

When making their ice cream, the Screamery uses a five-step process. This five-step process ensures that all the ice cream is carefully handcrafted and tastes delicious.

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Caroline Solomon

In addition to being better for you, the Screamery offers many unique flavors. Some flavors offered include Santa's Milk & Cookies, Coconut Fudge, Honeycomb, Double Peppermint Bark, Mississippi Mudpie, Pumpkin Spice, and Hot Chocolate (pictured above).

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Samantha Kaplan

When eating at the Screamery, there are various ways that you can enjoy your ice cream. For example, you can enjoy your ice cream in sundae form or float form. My favorite is the nacho style, which is waffle chips topped with a scoop of ice cream and hot fudge. If your feeling adventurous, you can try the Flight (pictured above), which allows you to enjoy samples of six different flavors of your choice. Recommended for sharing is the Farmhouse, which is eight scoops of ice cream and is served with your choice of a cookie, brownie, or butter cake on the bottom. To accompany your ice cream, the Screamery offers extra toppings and sauce options too.

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Caroline Solomon

Out of the three locations, one is conveniently located near campus on Speedway Boulevard and another is located on Congress Street in downtown Tucson. Overall, I highly recommend visiting the Screamery next time you are craving some ice cream. Everything is so fresh and delicious.