What do you do when the long awaited sunny weather is finally here? Obviously, you make your way to Smorgasburg, which is only one of the biggest food markets out there! Available in multiple locations like Williamsburg and Prospect park, Smorgasburg has steadily been gaining more popularity as people are more exposed to various different types of foods from different cultures. Conveniently enough, we have compiled a list of some of the most amazing dishes you might want to try when you visit.


In the summer heat, there's nothing that feels better than to taste cool and perfectly delicious ice cream, but Wowfulls adds a twist to it with their crispy waffles with an unbelievably soft interior. On top of that, they let you pick out your favorite toppings, which vary from colorful sprinkles to decadent and sweet condensed milk to give your taste buds the best experience ever.

Zenab Jamil

Big Mozz

Are you a die hard cheese fan? Even if you're not, you probably will be after you try this place. Big Mozz is famous for their deliciously crispy and cheesy mozzarella sticks that not only satisfy the tastebuds but also fill the stomach due to their huge size. The mozzarella sticks come with their famous marinara sauce, which together with the mozzarella sticks is a match made in heaven.

pork, barbecue, meat, chicken, sauce, beef
Gabriella Vukelic

Home Frites

Let's be real, everyone loves fries, and so, this place is a must! Home frites is famous for serving the most flavorful fries with just the perfect amount of seasoning to give a refreshing taste. Their sauces, especially the aioli sauce that comes with the fries is another reason to head over in their direction right away!

sweet potato, potato, sweet, salt, chips, yam
Celeste Fondeur

John's Juice

Of course, we haven't forgotten about beverages! If you're looking for a refreshing yet somewhat healthy beverage, head right over to John's Juice! Their fresh fruit juices are just the perfect drink to pair with all the delicious street food. It is also totally instagram worthy as they serve the fruit juices in the actual fruit. Some of their famous fruit juices include orange, grapefruit, watermelon, coconut, and dragon fruit. 

pineapple, juice
Sara Tane

So, don't waste this summer indoors with the air conditioner on. Go outside, experience the hot summer, and of course, check out Smorgasburg for an unbelievable experience with friends and family!