Gelato is always the way to go, whether its 100 degrees or 32 degrees outside. You may be accustomed to ice cream, but gelato is so much better, especially Amorino's. 

Inside a brick building on Newbury Street, Amorino is hard to miss, but trust me, after you try their gelato, you'll always remember where to find it. 

Amorino was started in Paris in 2002. It was founded by two childhood friends who had the intention of replicating authentic Italian gelato with the finest ingredients and preparation. Sixteen years later, Amorino now has locations all over the world, and there happens to be 11 in the U.S. Here's why you should give Amorino a try: 

1. The Taste

Each flavor, made with the best ingredients, has its own rich and unique taste. You can taste real fruit in their sorbets and the yogurt is creamy, yet not incredibly sweet. It is truly perfect combination.

2. The Variety of Flavors

Amorino has a variety of more than 20 flavors, a combination of regulars and seasonal specials.  From flavors like banana, pistachio, and amarena (cherry), there is a something for everyone. And, they feature both regular gelato and non-dairy sorbets. To make it even better, there's not limit as to the maximum amount of flavors you can order.

3. The Macarons

If gelato is not for you, don't worry. They also feature mouthwatering macarons. Flavors include chocolate, coffee, strawberry, and many more. Their incredible flavor will transport you to Paris. And, if you do like gelato, make your treat even better by adding a macaron on top! 

4. The Presentation

Do it for the gelato, do it for the insta! Amorino takes the time to shape your gelato in the shape of a flower. Their gelato not only pleases your stomach, but also looks pretty, too! If you go during holiday seasons, they tend to have special presentations, like Santa's for Christmas or an orange and black theme for Halloween. 

Although freezing temperatures and gelato may sound counterintuitive, you won't regret going to Amorino. Their gelato exceeds expectations and it's like having a small taste of Europe. Take a break from studying, walk around and shop, or simply have stop by Amorino after eating out for dessert! 

Location: 249 Newbury St. Boston, MA

Hours: M-F: 11:30AM - 10PM, Sat: 11AM-11PM, Sun: 11AM-10PM