While the weather isn’t sure if it’s April or January, spring is always an excuse to try something cold, sweet, and Insta-worthy. Check out these five Boston spots for a supreme ice cream experience.

1. Toscanini’s

Ice Cream

Photo courtesy of –ellen on flickr.com

Indulgent doesn’t even begin to cover the creamy, true-to-flavor goodness that is a scoop of Tosci’s ice cream. Located in Cambridge, this ice cream shop has a line out the door on weekend evenings, and for good reason. A rotation of true-to-description flavors such as B3 (brown sugar, brown butter, brownies), Burnt Caramel, and Khulfee will get you coming back for more.

2. Gracie’s Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Photo by Erica Schwartz

Three words: toasted fluff cone. Yeah, you heard me. Even though it’s location in Union Square, Somerville, is a bit off the beaten path, you definitely won’t find a cone as innovative and delicious anywhere else. To create this masterpiece, a sugar cone is dipped in marshmallow fluff and toasted with a blow-torch to crispy, gooey perfection.

#SpoonTip: Top your fluff cone with Gracie’s chocolate ice cream for a frozen s’more.

3. J.P. Licks

Ice Cream

Photo courtesy of nborgespowers18 on flickr.com

Opened in 1981 and named after it’s birthplace in Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood, J.P. Licks has expanded to shops all over Boston to become one of the most popular local ice cream spots. J.P. Licks is always there for you when you want a solid cone. Flavors rotate on a monthly basis and always have a seasonal theme (March includes Mint Irish Lace and Bailey’s), so you’ll never get tired of going to J.P. time and time again.

4. Frozen Hoagies

Ice Cream

Photo courtesy of Jonathan_Hawkins on flickr.com

Because who doesn’t love cookies and ice cream? Frozen Hoagies began as a much sought after food truck, but has since opened a brick-and-mortar shop just outside of the Tufts University campus in Somerville. Frozen Hoagies combines two amazing things: freshly baked cookies and handmade ice cream. For only $5 you get two huge scoops of ice cream and two sizable cookies, so Frozen Hoagies is definitely one of the best ways to indulge on a budget.

5. Amorino

Ice Cream

Photo courtesy of jessicajwu on flickr.com

A gelato shop recently opened on Newbury Street, Amorino is one of the most delicious and beautiful things that you could possibly do for yourself. Each cone is shaped into a gorgeous gelato flower, and you can pile on unlimited flavors to create a rainbow of cold, creamy deliciousness. If you’re really looking to treat yourself to a delicious cone and a visual feast, Amorino’s got you covered.

6. Emack and Bolio’s

Ice Cream

Photo courtesy of Connie on flickr.com

If you love crazy cones, look no further than Emack and Bolio’s. Now a national establishment, Emack originated in Boston in the 1970’s. Emack and Bolio’s also sells homemade hot fudge, baked goods and confections in case you’re craving another sweet treat.

#SpoonTip: That marshmallow cone rolled in Fruit Loops is going to look great on your Insta.