Colonial charm and classic comfort foods with a twist...sign me up! I found all of this and more when I stumbled into the Revolution House on the corner of 2nd and Market. Wandering around Old City, I noticed several restaurants advertising brunch and just happened to select the Revolution House. I'm sure glad I did! 

The Revolution House's decor doesn't disappoint its name. From the brick walls, to the American flag accents and the mason jar fixtures; you'll feel like you've taken a step back into the 1700s. The two story former Quaker meetinghouse showcases Philadelphia's historic roots. The Revolution House's atmosphere is a perfect blend of old and new. The Old City spot also boasts a heated balcony seating area so that diners can enjoy the great outdoors all year long. 

beer, cake, wine
Tara McBride

Now let's get to the important part- the food. Ever had a really difficult time deciding what to order because everything sounds good? That is the dilemma you will face at the Revolution House. Did I mention they serve brunch until 3pm? So, go ahead and sleep in, you won't miss the most important meal of the weekend. 

 You can not go wrong with any item from their brunch menu. If your brunch preference is breakfast food try an omelette, baked avocado, or the delicious breakfast concoction pictured below.The concoction is made up of a potato lakte layered with ham, cheese, and topped with eggs and baked apples. It's good enough to get out of bed for. If your craving a sweet breakfast option; give their french toast or pancakes a try. 

bacon, cheese, ham, egg
Tara McBride

 If you put the lunch in brunch, don't worry there's plenty for you too! Lunch enthusiasts will not be disappointed by the sandwiches, soups, salads, pizzas, and appetizers. I recommend starting the meal off with the buffalo chicken dip or their house-made tater tots. Looking for something light? Try the Quinoa salad. I'd be re-missed if I didn't mention their wood-fired pizzas. Give the unique beet pesto or breakfast pizzas a go.  

sandwich, cheese, toast
Tara McBride

 There were also several tasty sandwich options to chose from. Our friendly server suggested the tri-tip cheesesteak. She said the establishment was committed to serving fresh flavorful meats, and you could really tell with this take on a Philly favorite. Keep it classic with a grilled cheese or switch it up with a chicken pineapple sandwich- there's really not a bad choice. 

chicken, sandwich, cheese
Tara McBride

With great atmosphere and food,I'm sure the Founding Fathers would approve of this Old City destination. There are plenty of options to satisfy every bruncher. Gather up your friends and head on over to the Revolution House this weekend.