I was scrolling through my Instagram on a Wednesday afternoon, and saw that there was a new food truck on campus called Street Food. It parks in GC Lawns, the same place where our all-vegetarian food truck Beefsteak parks. It is not the first FIU food truck, but it is the first of it's kind.

Street Food is a truck that serves gourmet burgers, with a meatless option as well. You pick your protein from an Angus burger, a Turkey burger, or a Portobello mushroom. You can then pick from four combinations of toppings: including a classic with mayo, ketchup, mustard and pickles, a Memphis-style Barbecue with sweet BBQ sauce, smoked bacon and cheddar, a Mexican with guacamole, jalapenos and pepper jack cheese, and a French-style Bleu with Cajun spices and Blue cheese crumbles.

More information regarding days and hours of operation of Street Food can be found on FIU Dining's Instagram. They describe Street Food as simply "gourmet burgers on the go", and I think that the concept will resonate with students, and it can be comparable with going to one of the other gourmet burger spots around the city. This FIU food truck is not necessarily putting itself against them, but rather it is letting students have that experience on campus, and can even give students ideas as to where to go on nights out, introducing them to the ideas of gourmet burgers.

Marissa Rodriguez

The Burgers

With the variety of regional flavors and protein options available, it was hard to choose just one, but I went with the mushroom and the Baja combination option and a side of sweet potato fries.

Marissa Rodriguez

My burger came with lettuce, tomato, the mushroom, pepper jack cheese, guacamole and their chipotle mayo. This burger was very filling, despite its size. There are so many flavors, from earthy, to fresh, to spicy, this burger checks off all the boxes when it comes to flavors.

Final Thoughts

Some final thoughts are that this food truck is a welcome addition to the ones we have on campus, and I love the idea of getting gourmet burgers on campus. Another plus is that this food truck rotates between the MMC and BBC campuses, so all FIU students can enjoy it! I am happy that FIU decided to bring along another food truck to campus, and I look forward to eating there again when the semester starts!