All of us have experienced the feeling of wanting to eat something delicious but also familiar, yet not being able to figure out what satisfies both of those aspects. Well, fear no more because we have the perfect place for you to try. Ovi's Express is an amazing place located near the Brooklyn College campus for students who want to opt for healthier food choices or just want to hang out at a nice place with friends. Here are some of the reasons why we think you should go over to Ovi's Express the first opportunity you get.

The Food

This brings us to THE most important aspect about this place. You got it: the food!! The best part about this place is the many possible options and possibilities you have when it comes to creating a meal. You can get anything from a burrito to tacos to a personally customized bowl. They have three types of rice options, a variety of meat choices, and a plethora of vegetables and sauces to go with your meal. 

Zenab Jamil

The Drinks

If you thought that their food is the only appealing thing, you are wrong. Not only does this place offer healthy and fresh food options, but you can also get a freshly made smoothie made on the spot from the fresh fruit displayed at the counter. Along with that, they have a variety of other drinks in you aren't in the mood for a smoothie. They also have a cute bottle opener tied to the refrigerator!

smoothie, sweet, juice
Christin Urso

The Aesthetics

One of the nicest parts about this place is the upbeat music and the cute surroundings. No matter when you go, they will have nice music playing in the background. Not only that, but they also have cute decorations like a blackboard wall and chalk to write cute messages with. Totally instagram worthy! So head out over to this great place right now and thank us later.

Zenab Jamil