Chocolate cupcakes are about as classic as you can get. Decadent, chocolaty goodness without the guilt that comes with real chocolate cake, all in cup form—what could be better than that? However, the perfect chocolate cupcake is so hard to make and even harder to find, but I stumbled upon one at SusieCakes and never looked back. Here's why you won't either.

1. Everything is baked from scratch

Photo courtesy of Elisabeth Blank

You know all of those ingredients you can't pronounce that grace the nutrition labels of all store-bought cupcakes? Not a problem with SusieCakes. Their cupcakes are made daily from scratch, with the same wholesome ingredients you would use baking at home. 

2. The cake has the perfect consistency

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Photo courtesy of Elisabeth Blank

The cake part of a cupcake can often be overlooked because frosting usually takes over the flavor, but that doesn't make the cake any less important. SusieCakes' cake is moist, airy, and has the perfect amount of chocolate—not too dark or overpowering, but not so light that it lacks flavor. The cupcake also has the perfect consistency: it is soft and melts in your mouth, but won't crumble while you eat it. 

3. Frosting is smoother than a baby's bum

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Photo courtesy of Elisabeth Blank

Cupcakes wouldn't be cupcakes without frosting, and Susie's chocolate frosting is about as amazing as it can get. The butter, sugar, sour cream, and cocoa powder combine perfectly to form a frosting that's smooth, rich, soft (but never runny), and chocolaty without the overpowering echo of cocoa powder. The sprinkles on top add texture and crunch, rounding out the cupcake experience. 

4. But wait—there's more

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Photo courtesy of Elisabeth Blank

As if the cake and frosting weren't enough, SusieCakes also puts a little nugget of frosting inside each cupcake, creating the perfect cake to frosting ratio and delighting your taste buds in the process. 

SusieCakes is a small family-owned bakery based in California that sells a variety of desserts, but their chocolate cupcakes are truly a hidden gem that every Californian needs to try. You'll never find one quite as good, and you'll always want more.